Nektova Group

Industry: Electronics, Consumer Goods
Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Lakewood, NJ
Company Size: 22 Employees

“The features that Sellercloud provides are unparalleled to competitorswe’ve used in the past.”

Yitzy Youlus, Director of Global E-Commerce Sales

Based in Lakewood, NJ, and founded in 2009, Nektova Group is a global distributor of branded consumer electronics. Over time, Nektova Group has grown its presence and operations from partnering with 1-2 major consumer electronics manufacturers to a current roster of more than 20+ of the world’s largest brands, leveraging their direct relationships with manufacturers to help sell excess inventory.
As Nektova Group has grown, so has its online presence. Sellercloud has helped the company manage its online presence for manufacturers based in the U.S.A. and its inventory in its warehouses globally during that growth.

The Challenge

Upon their founding, Nektova worked specifically with two major international brands, Apple and Samsung. Even then, they needed a partner to help manage their warehouse inventory as eficiently as possible. With promises of same-day shipping worldwide for most orders, it was an absolute necessity that the right products were shipped to the correct location in time.
Because Nektova’s business model also incorporated “end-of-life,” excess, and distressed inventory, they also faced the challenge of a product landscape with constantly-changing SKUs and inventory.

The Solution

For Yitzy Youlus, Director of Global E-Commerce Sales at Nektova Group, the solution was clear: “The features that Sellercloud provides are unparalleled to competitors we’ve used in the past.”
Skustack, Sellercloud’s all-in-one warehouse and inventory management and tracking system, was implemented to provide the data Nektova’s team needed to make due on their commitments to worldwide same day shipping.

The Results

After switching to Sellercloud, Nektova’s list of partner brands grew to include consumer electronics giants like Microsoft, Nikon, Google, Amazon, Intel, Fitbit, and Dell, to name a few. That list now includes more than 20+ international brands.
Soon after, Nektova was also able to expand operations to include incentive, corporate, and loyalty gift programs.
After implementing Sellercloud, Youlus noted that Sellecloud is “the only all-in-one system we’ve ever needed to use.”