Manhattan Comfort

Industry: Furniture
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: New York City, NY
Company Size: 51 Employees

“We needed something that could and would do it all, and Sellercloud was it.”

Schneur Lang, VP of Business Development

Manhattan Comfort is a furniture company based in New York City. Founded in 2008, the company’s goal is to bring modern, stylish, and highquality furniture to living spaces across the country at an affordable price. Manhattan Comfort uses Sellercloud to now partner with top brands and distributors like Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond.
“Before Sellercloud, we had to do everything manually or piece by piece. From small tasks like calls to dealing with credit card payment processing and tracking orders, Sellercloud helps along every step of the process.” Even before they saw significant growth, Manhattan Comfort knew it needed a system in place to help take them to the next level. Upon reaching out to Sellercloud, Schneur Lang, VP of Business Development, knew right away that they had found what they were looking for.
Sellercloud helped Manhattan Comfort implement the systems and procedures necessary to help make them the company they are today. From one small 2,000 sq ft warehouse to soon two 100,000+ sq ft warehouses, “we couldn’t have done it without Sellercloud”, Lang commented.

The Challenge

As a fast growing and innovative company, Manhattan Comfort knew they needed an all-in-one solution to help them scale their manufacturing capabilities and operations across multiple systems and teams. Growth in those areas also meant they would want and need to expand to additional sales channels as well. With hundreds of products in development, Manhattan Comfort also needed a solution that would grow as they did. It was important that the software they chose would be able to offer a suite of different solutions and that customer service that would be responsive, accessible, and open to implementing new ideas.

The Solution

The solution was simple: automation and integration. Manhattan Comfort needed a system that could not only manage an effective multi-channel strategy, but also one that would be easy to implement with their existing staff and processes. Skustack, Sellercloud’s proprietary warehouse inventory management system, was the all-in-one solution. Errors with incorrect items being shipped, for example, decreased nearly immediately.

The Results

By implementing Sellercloud’s technology into Manhattan Comfort’s strategy and operations, the company was able to significantly increase automation, efficiency, productivity, and overall output across multiple teams and processes. Bottlenecks were eliminated, manual labor and human error declined, and sales volume grew in multiples they had never before been able to achieve. Their number of sales channels doubled from two to four. Looking forward, Manhattan Comfort is hoping to open an additional, much larger warehouse. “All we need is the merchandise and the physical warehouse space itself. Once that’s there, in 48 hours we’re live and operating in full capacity because of Sellercloud. The speed is tremendous.”

“I’ve never looked back or considered another system. I don’t need to.”

Schneur Lang, VP of Business Development