Industry: Camping & Hunting Equipment 
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Chestnut Ridge, NY
Company Size: 5 Employees


“We ship between 300-500 orders every day, and Sellercloud has helped us ship every single one of them on time over and over again.”

Enrock Management

Headquartered in Chestnut Ridge, New York, Enrock carries premium outdoor equipment, boating accessories, and entertainment systems. Founded in 2012 and part of the CNS Commerce family, Enrock was created as the company’s first in-house brand.

“As the brand began to grow, the need for a custom solution for all internal programs and processes became more and more apparent,” Enrock management stated. Eventually, the team at Enrock found Sellercloud. The rest is history.

The Challenge

The challenge was tedious, time consuming, and extremely labor intensive; everything from processing orders to creating labels, receiving returns, and listing items online was done manually.

After sourcing manufacturers and finalizing plans for their first product lines, Enrock knew something needed to change. “We had to find some sort of solution to automate and organize our order fulfillment and inventory tracking,” they said.

Enrock’s first step towards finding a solution came in the hiring of an IT consulting firm, whose sole task was creating a system that met the company’s needs from scratch.

While at a technology conference though, a member of the IT firm was introduced to Sellercloud and noticed that it was ‘exactly like what they were trying to build.

The Solution

After a quick discussion with the IT firm, the next steps were clear. The project was disbanded and saved Enrock $250,000. Sellercloud was implemented as soon as possible.

“Sellercloud combined everything into one and made it so easy to accomplish any task,” Enrock leadership said, “It provides you with current, updated inventory at any point in time. You can list it on so many other platforms once you’ve integrated through Sellercloud.”

They were also quick to point out their reliance on Shipbridge, Sellercloud’s multi-carrier, omnichannel fulfillment tool, that automatically facilitates all shipping processes. “Shipbridge is amazing. Orders come in and you have invoices and labels printed out right away,” they said.

The Results

Enrock’s success story with Sellercloud isn’t unique. The transition of moving from manual to automatic processes freed up labor hours, reduced overall expenses, and helped the company grow like it had never imagined.

“Sellercloud enabled us to use our team to grow our company rather than focus on every task individually,” Enrock management explained.

“The service, too, it’s intimate and beyond amazing. The account managers get to know you on a personal level and understand what your goals are,” they added.

“The team of dedicated representatives know what you’ve gone through in the past and where you’re trying to take your company. They are with you from the start,” Enrock management said of Sellercloud’s customer service.