Bootstrap Brands

Industry: General Merchandise, Consumer Goods 
Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Durham, NC
Company Size: 15 Employees

“With the way we were growing, we had to have something to help us scale that would keep us organized. Sellercoud was the software we had been looking for for a long, long time.”

Kerianne Squitire, Operations Manager and Project Manager

Bootstrap Brands, based in Durham, NC, is a retail management firm that finds and develops new products, tests demand, and builds brand architectures and operations around those products. Founded in 2014 and boasting an impressive board of tenured advisors in the sourcing, manufacturing, and product development realms, Bootstrap Brands has built their business model around “figuring out how to make things work and scaling them with limited-to-no outside investment.

The Challenge

As a company that builds brands around new consumer products, Bootstrap Brands knew that a major priority in establishing internal efficiency was finding a system or group of systems that helped them expand once that brand had been created. Though they didn’t need warehousing upon their initial launch, they knew it was something they needed to plan ahead for as they grew.

At the same time, Bootstrap Brands needed a solution that was going to work with their budget and grow with them as they scaled new brands and products. As the name suggests, the leadership team was tasked with finding an online platform that met at the intersection of affordability and productivity.

The Solution

Sellercloud was that solution.

Before long, Bootstrap Brands had a catalogue of more than 400+ unique SKUs, and they were in need of a warehouse for their product inventory. Within weeks, the company was able to implement Skustack, Sellercloud’s all-in-one warehouse inventory management system and train their new employees.

The Results

Sellercloud has really helped us with an affordable way to expand to multiple e-commerce channels,” Kerianne Squitire, Operations Manager and Project Manager for Bootstrap Brands, said.

Squitire went on to speak about how easy it was to get the company’s portfolio products from brands like Elf Logic, Bullseye Office, and Happy Wax, on marketplaces like Amazon,, eBay, and Faire, to name a few.

Within a year the company was able to add another hundred unique SKUs to their product line and further expand their e-commerce operations.

“Because of Sellercloud, we’ve been able to expand our sales dramatically as a small company. We took our annual revenue from $500k to over $6 million.”

Kerianne Squitire, Operations Manager and Project Manager