Address America

Industry: On-demand Custom Merchandise, Building Supplies
Founded: 1992
Headquarters: Jackson, MS
Company Size: 8 Employees

“Our lack of automation opened us up to a world of potential mistakes, and we desperately needed a fix for it.”

Joshua Ashley, Vice President

Founded in 1992 and birthed from frustrations of not being able to clearly identify and find physical addresses on homes while driving, founder and President David Ashley has built Address America into an online powerhouse for custom signage. Headquartered in Jackson, MS, he and Vice President Joshua Ashley have grown the company from a widely-recognized regional shop to an online store that offers full customization across nearly their entire product line.

With Sellercloud’s help, the Ashleys were able to streamline their internal processes, expand their product offerings, and, ultimately, grow operations and sales like they had never imagined.

The Challenge

While a small, local shop, Address America could handle the issues that offering customization presented. Signs could be made in-house and delivered by hand or shipped after they had been detailed.

The idea of expanding to online sales and continuing to offer that customization created serious bottlenecks and inefficiencies though, the company would soon discover.

We had to write and prepare each and every order by hand,” Joshua recalled. It was taking an immense amount of time day after day and opening us up to a world of potential mistakes.” 

The idea of where to even begin with expanding outside of their own website, let alone to other online marketplaces, was daunting.

The Solution

Sellercloud was a godsend,” Joshua mentioned. “It was an absolutely perfect solution for what we needed.

Based on Address America’s needs for added customization features when a customer was placing an order (i.e. the exact address or street number), Sellercloud helped create a custom dashboard that seamlessly imported crucial information from each order into Address America’s order database.

It was something no other company would do for us,” David said.

The Results

Sellercloud helped build us a system that adapts to our business model, allows us to streamline our workflow, and give our customers exactly what they need at the end of the day with zero mistakes and perfect accuracy,” Joshua explained.

Because of that system and the integrations it enabled, Address America was able to expand its operations to online sales channels like eBay, Jet, and Walmart, and even offer fully customizable options on platforms like Amazon Custom and Etsy, something they never thought imaginable.

“Address America started using Sellercloud in 2019. By 2020 our business had grown by more than 100% year over year. We couldn’t picture ourselves where we are now without Sellercloud, and Sellercloud is going to be with us from now on,” David Ashley, Founder and President.