Prime Day Outgrows Amazon

Prime Day is no longer just about Amazon. Consumers are increasingly shopping on additional marketplaces, as well as Amazon, to find the best deals.

Other marketplaces have started to offer discounts on or around Amazon’s Prime Day events to ride the wave of online shoppers hunting Amazon for deals.

According to a survey of 600 US consumers, “50% of consumers plan to shop at both Amazon and other brands’ sites” on Prime Day, so many online stores will also be busy between October 10th and 11th.

However, the same survey also noted that “44% of shoppers do plan on exclusively sticking to Amazon,” so Amazon is still very much in control of Prime Day and remains the to-go online shopping destination.

Some marketplaces are challenging Amazon more overtly than others. Walmart is one, offering up to 60% off on some products until October 12th in their Walmart Deals Holiday Kickoff event.

It highlights the need for e-commerce sellers to have a multichannel approach. While most sales may take place on Amazon, a significant portion can still be made through other platforms.

Furthermore, Amazon’s marketplace fees are known to be exceptionally high, and selling on multiple marketplaces is a way to work around this.

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