Cellular Professor

Industry: Electronics
Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Glenview, IL
Company Size: 15 Employees


“‘Time is money’ is such an accurate saying when you bring Sellercloud into the picture.”

Alex Sabau, President and Owner

Cellular Professor, founded in 2015 and headquartered outside of Chicago in Glenview, Illinois, has humble beginnings as a reseller of cell phones on eBay.

Because most of his products were refurbished and varying widely in aspects like color, size, and brand, Founder and President Alex Sabau needed a solution to reliably, consistently, and efficiently sell and track his inventory. He found that in Sellercloud.

The Challenge

“Almost nothing we were selling at the time was new,” Sabau said. “That made it immensely difficult for us to upload our products onto the one or two sales channels we were on at the time,” he continued. “Because everything was unique, we had a terrible time keeping track of where something was physically in our warehouse because there were so many different SKUs,” Sabau explained.

Sabau explained that, at times, it would take nearly an hour to find something he’d sold. Sabau had started Cellular Professor with another e-commerce sales platform but wasn’t getting the support he needed. “We would open tickets and they would sit for weeks without resolution,”  said Sabau.

The same challenge was presented when he wanted to expand to other sales channels. As I started to purchase more inventory, there were other channels I wanted to expand to,” Sabau said.

The Solution

Sabau knew that he needed an all-in-one tool that he could centralize all of his inventory on that would grow with him and Cellular Professor as time went on.

Because his products were unique and oftentimes refurbished, he also needed a solution that would allow him to start selling hundreds or thousands of products online with as little downtime as possible.

For Sabau, the answer to his challenge was clear when he found Skustack, Sellercloud’s warehouse management system. This included the ‘SKU-to-SKU Transfer’ feature, which allowed Cellular Professor to quickly and easily upload large quantities of unique items to multiple sales channels with minimal effort.

“The platform we were on previously just didn’t cut it; we were limited to the few that we were already on.” Alex Sabau, President and Owner

The Results

“It’s become absolutely priceless,” Sabau said. “We’ve refined our own internal processes and systems so that we know exactly where everything is,” he continued. “We can have an order logged in our inventory and shipped in literal minutes now.

According to Sabau, sales have grown by 400-500% since partnering with Sellercloud, and they’ve reduced time spent on FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) and inbound shipments as well.

Human error has been significantly reduced, and we save so much time,” Sabau explains, “We don’t even have to log in to Amazon anymore because of the Sellercloud API.” Sabau ends by saying, We’re also about to double the size of our warehouse. Much of that is thanks to Sellercloud.

“It’s a fully scalable solution. If tomorrow you decided to buy a new company or expand to a new location, you can do that so easily with Sellercloud.”

Alex Sabau, President and Owner