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The refurbished goods market is flourishing. There are many marketplaces to sell such goods that weren’t there several years before. Advancements in refurbishment techniques, tech, and diagnostics have made refurbished goods more appealing. Refurbished goods are often practically the same as the original, minus some potential cosmetic wear and tear. Refurbished products are a great way to diversify your catalog if you sell brand-new electronics. To succeed in today’s refurbished goods market, businesses need an omnichannel solution to centralize their multichannel sales under one roof. Sellercloud is that solution.
Sellercloud is the No. 1 all-in-one e-commerce solution that allows you to monitor and control all your operations under one roof, enabling you to save money and grow your business. It is a must-have for the modern multichannel e-commerce seller.

About the Refurbished goods industry

Awareness of refurbished products has grown significantly, and there’s no time like the present to get involved in this budding industry. While sustainability receives a lot of the credit for drawing customers to refurbished products, more often than not, people love the cheaper price tag. Today, there is less stigma attached to reused electronics, and some consumers even pride themselves on getting a deal on refurbished goods over buying new ones.

The rise of e-commerce facilitated the emergence of the refurbished goods industry, and e-commerce remains the best way to sell such products. eBay is an established marketplace for quality-vetted refurbished products that are put through multipoint inspection. Elsewhere, emerging platforms, like Back Market and Reebelo, specialize solely in selling discounted refurbished goods. Even Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon with Amazon Renewed, where third-party sellers sell pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box products tested to ensure they meet Amazon’s standards.

Improving your Refurbished Goods E-commerce Business with Sellercloud


Sellercloud helps e-commerce refurbished goods sellers save time and money and better manage their inventory and shipping without needing several costly solutions. It enables refurbished goods sellers to grade products (A, B, C, D, etc.) and categorize their condition (Good, Bad, Excellent) for shared inventory that can be listed on different accounts with alternative product profiles using ‘shadow SKUs,’ allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions and businesses manage product pricing better. You can also manage your inventory based on variations, such as colors and storage size, for example, and create kits and bundles with ease.

Running an e-commerce business requires visibility on everything. Sellercloud is an omnichannel growth solution that helps you consolidate all your e-commerce operations under one interface, from purchasing to listing to shipping and all the steps in between. Sellercloud also has 280+ integrations, an in-house customization team to help build the custom logic e-commerce sellers need, and automate features to speed up your workflow and reduce human error. Sellercloud also offers a range of products to manage your e-commerce operations. 4D Scale helps you measure the weight and dimensions of your shipment. Skustack helps you keep your warehouse in order. Skublox helps you with sorting. Memaila helps you manage customer communications. Shipbridge helps you automate and simplify your shipping workflow.

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