Boraam Industries

Industry: Home & Garden Products
Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Mundelein, IL
Company Size: 15 Employees

“Before Sellercloud, we couldn’t do live inventory. We always over- or undersold.”

Su Yadana, Logistics Manager

Headquartered outside of Chicago, IL, Boraam Industries has been providing quality home furnishings and furniture at a friendly price point since 2001.

Sellercloud became Boraam’s primary channel manager, inventory tracker, and shipping system in 2018, allowing the company to streamline its focus and future thinking on growth, expansion, and increased sales.

The Challenge

Before Sellercloud, the company was completely reliant on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), explains Su Yadana, Boraam’s Logistics Manager. “We were using 3-4 different systems. Nothing was in the same place, nothing was organized, and it was very expensive to manage.”

Because of the multiple systems, orders were being missed. Shipments were never sent. Labor hours required to print labels and manually process orders became excessive. “Sometimes we would forget to switch to or look at specific accounts, not realize that orders had been placed, and receive bills for units we had yet to order. It was a mess,” says Yadana about their initial systems.

One of Boraam’s main bottlenecks was also inventory – both stocking and reordering. Manual processes meant that inventory was either too high or too low – never what they needed.

The Solution

Boraam had identified that live inventory tracking, cutting labor hours and costs, and increased efficiency and accuracy with orders were top priorities.

Boraam began migrating all shipping processes to Shipbridge, Sellercloud’s all-in-one order fulfillment solution that partners with all major shipping carriers and offers completely customizable workflows.

The Results

After moving to Sellercloud, Boraam’s sales increased significantly. “Labor hours used for order processing, picking, and shipping SKUs were reduced by a third. Live inventory tracking enabled Boraam to reduce their safety quantity by more than 200%.”

“Now we can actually work on growing the company.”

Su Yadana, Logistics Manager