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Sellercloud offers the functionality that Orderhive customers are accustomed to, but adds the tools that sellers need to succeed in Omnichannel selling.
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We have it all

Explore all the ways Sellercloud helps merchants overcome the challenges of online selling.

Rule engine

The Order Rule Engine allows businesses to create virtually unlimited rules to automate their order management and fulfillment processes.

Manage all channel sales

One dashboard for all your sales orders. Filters help you target the data that you need.


Generate a summarized list of product quantities needed to fulfill orders faster.


Sellercloud’s free shipping solution. Centralize your multichannel orders into a single platform, print labels and fulfill them with precision and ease.

Scan & Ship

Scan products before shipping them, to ensure that the correct items are being shipped and that you're getting the best possible shipping rate from available carriers.

Batch ship orders

Increase efficiency and process multiple orders simultaneously without ever sacrificing accuracy

Custom Plug-ins

Customize invoices, workflows and anything you can dream of.

Reports and Calculations

Customized reports and calculations let you operate YOUR way.

Custom integrations

Integrate with 3PLs, vendors, marketplaces or other software that a pre-built integration is not yet built.

List to multiple channels directly from Sellercloud

Expand your reach with our extensive list of integrated channels. List on them all without ever leaving Sellercloud.

Manage your multi-channel listings in one place

No more switching between various platforms. Our centralized master catalog lets you manage your listings across all of your channels.

Shadow listings

Shadow SKUs are additional product profiles that allow you to list the same product multiple different ways while keeping your inventory in sync.

Review sales performance

Gain insights on how your products are performing across all channels.

Track P&L for every order

Identify your bottom line based on revenues, COGS, and all other order related expenses on a per order basis or summarized per channel, product, and various other groupings.

Settlement reconciliation

Run reports to reconcile money disbursed by Amazon and/or Walmart Marketplace with your sales activity recorded on Selllercloud.

Manage multiple warehouses

Easily move and track inventory between bins and warehouses.

Track inventory from receiving to shipping

Know where everything is at all times. Easily track your inventory throughout its entire lifecycle.

Update inventory from vendor feeds

Vendor feeds can be automatically imported and synced with your catalog and inventory levels.

Automate your workflow with the Order Rule Engine

Build your own custom order-related rules based on the demands of your workflow.


Manage your multi-channel listings in one place.


Keep your inventory levels synchronized across all channels.


Track inventory as it moves in and out of your warehouse.


Integrate with leading marketplaces, channels, and shopping carts.


Manage all channel sales from a single interface.

Order rule engine

Speed up your workflow with your own custom order-related rules.


Efficiently create, track, and manage purchase orders.

Predictive purchasing

Know what and how much to order based on your sales history.


Ship multichannel orders with unparalleled efficiency.


Review sales performance of products across all channels.


Efficiently create, track, and manage purchase orders.

Web Service API

Build seamless integrations between Sellercloud and your other solutions.

Advanced features

Unique tools and options that help you manage your e‑commerce business.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Speed up information exchange with your business partners.


Automate your workflow and tailor your e-commerce operation.

Use Skustack’s picklists to effortlessly pick orders and assemle kits for shipping.

Кeep inventory numbers correct for all product locations by indicating the bin you are picking items from.

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Eliminate sorting and shipping mistakes with our intelligent sorting system.

Skublox is our integrated pick-to-light and put-to-light technology that reduces errors and boosts efficiency in your order fulfillment workflow.

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