Avoid stockouts and eliminate overselling completely.

Let us handle demand forecasting and automate your purchasing workflow.

We make the predictions, so you don’t have to

Manage purchase orders

Create your purchase orders directly in Sellercloud. Know what and when to order
at all times.

Demand forecasting

No more late order shipments. Sellercloud will handle demand forecasting and tell you how much to reorder.

Calculate restock quantity

Free your team from constantly having to check stock availability. We’ll let you know the correct quantity to replenish for FBA.

Predictive Purchasing

Order inventory in advance

Use Sellercloud to forecast the quantity to order based on your past sales. The Predictive Purchasing feature can accurately predict your future sales using all shipped orders from all channels in the last specified Days of Order.

Predictive Restocking FBA

Discover the right quantity to send to FBA

Sellercloud will calculate the precise quantity you need to restock for FBA. Use past FBA sales and current FBA inventory to find out exactly how much inventory you need to send to Amazon’s warehouses.

Predictive Restocking WFS

Restock your WFS inventory on time

Sellercloud imports your WFS inventory into the system so you can easily track stock availability at all times. Review your WFS orders and predict when you need to send more inventory to Walmart.

We take care of purchasing so you don’t have to

Stay ahead with predictive purchasing

Know what and how much to order based on your sales history.

Reorder based on low quantity

Get alerts when you’re low on stock so you don’t overbuy or oversell ever again.