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Revive IT produces and sells refurbished computers and laptops. They are providing a solution for big companies that need to get rid of electronics in a responsible way.


“Our business has multiple distribution centers so managing these distribution centers was a chore in the past but with Sellercloud everything is made easier”

Ben Peters

Director of Sales


“Sellercloud is the platfrom that can scale with your operation – as you open multiple warehouses, as you bring on 20, 30, 40, 100 more employees. Sellercloud is the type of program that can grow and accomodate that type of growth for your company.”

Ben Peters

Director of Sales

Testimonial Transcript

Chris Ko: Hi, my name is Chris Ko, I'm the CEO and co-founder of ER2 and Revive IT. We have facilities here in Arizona, as well as in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was started by my business partner Rick Crew producing refurbished computers and laptops. And that all generated because we had started another company called ER2, which did end of life Asset Management for Fortune 1000 companies. The cool thing about that was that you provided technology for people that really probably didn't have access to it before and at the same time, you're responsibly recycling and providing a solution for big companies that need to get rid of their electronics in a responsible way. When my business partner started the business he realized or recognized - I need to find an inventory solution. We discovered a few different softwares and the one we first started with was Channel Advisor. But as we started to grow a lot of the functionalities of Channel Advisor, we're just limited.

Ben Peters: We had six different platforms, we were operating out of a limited number of logins, we were paying an unbelievable amount of money every single month just to stay on these platforms and there were multiple issues from connectivity between platforms communication back to the marketplace.

Chris Ko: We would always call in to one of the softwares and say, Hey, this isn't working or this isn't working and then of course, what they would do they would play the blame game and we would end up having to get in to run around all the time. That's when we discovered Sellercloud.

Ben Peters: Support for Sellercloud and for Skustack has been phenomenal since day one. Every single person in Sellercloud knows what they're talking about. So when you call and you've got a question about something, that person can intelligently speak to how that system works.

Chris Ko: When we switched over to Skustack it made everything a ton easier because we were able to use single scan guns, scan it, easily identify the inventory count, easily identify the SKU, change bins, if we need to, transfer things.

Ken Thompson: I use the transfer process all the time, especially on the Skestack. The transfer process is extremely smooth, it allows me to locate an item in one bin, hit two buttons, and that those items are now in another bin that it's meant for and better suited for it.

Ben Peters: Our business has multiple distribution centers. So managing the quantity and the orders from those different distribution centers was a chore in the past. But with Skustack, everything is made easier. I don't need to have a computer in front of me when I want to audit my inventory. When I want to check a bin quantity, I just scan that bin, and Slustack says this is how much should be in here.

Chris Ko: Today we're celebrating our thematic goal of integrating and training people on Sellercloud as well as Skustack. Anybody that wants to sell on multiple platforms and wants to scale their business to the next level, Sellercloud is not just the right solution. It's probably the only solution.

Ben Peters: Sellercloud is the platform that can scale with your organization as you open up multiple warehouses as you bring on 20, 30, 40 - 100 more employees Sellercloud is the type of platform that can grow and accommodate that type of growth for your company.

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