Wayfair to Analyze Customer Interactions With AI

Wayfair to use natural language processing and predictive analytics to identify emerging customer issues in real time and improve customer experience.

Furniture and home goods e-commerce platform Wayfair will leverage AI to better analyze customer experience with their brand.

According to an article by Maeve Allsup in Retail Brew, Wayfair is looking to: “analyze customer interactions across channels using natural language processing, and identify emerging themes in real time.”

Wayfair’s associate director of customer experience, Neville Clemens, explains that part of the problem is that it’s hard to figure out what happened when a customer called in.

Often, after a customer calls in about an issue, the call gets marked with a tag, and much of the information about the call gets lost, preventing the company from spotting patterns and larger issues.

This is particularly important for large companies like Wayfair because they can handle up to half a million calls in a year.

Utilizing AI’s natural language processing and combining it with predictive analytics can help companies such as Wayfair identify, understand, and react to trends in real-time.

If Wayfair’s AI-customer experience experiment is fruitful, it has the potential to catch on with other e-commerce platforms and improve customer satisfaction.