Amazon Tests Out AI Chatbot

Amazon mobile app users can ask a chatbot questions about products. The chatbot takes information from the product listing and customer reviews.

Amazon continues to find new ways to bring AI (Artificial Intelligence) into more aspects of their business, recently launching a chatbot similar to ChatGPT on the Amazon mobile app that can answer shoppers’ questions about products, reports Annie Palmer of CNBC.

The chatbot takes information from the product’s listing and reviews. This can help shoppers with purchase decisions and prevent them from skipping the product they want because they can’t find information relevant.

Shoppers will also spend less time going through customer reviews and make wiser shopping decisions, which could lower returns.

The chatbot cannot carry out a conversation like ChatGPT does, though it can be prompted to write in various styles, such as celebrities and fictional characters, haikus, and even jokes.

It is designed to keep to the topic at hand—if the user prompts the chatbot to answer a question about something unrelated to the product, it will give an error message.

Amazon’s marketplace chatbot is not their first. In November 2023, Amazon announced Q, an AI chatbot for businesses, and introduced ‘Amazon Lex,’ a service for building AI chatbots.

Elsewhere, Amazon has invested in AI in the warehouse and to optimize shipping routes.

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