Inventory feature

Know what you have.

Our patented inventory management technology helps you keep track of what you have and where you have it.

Low inventory alerts make it simple and convenient to re-order directly from your supplier without ever leaving the platform. Product availability amounts are then automatically updated across all channels.

No more manual stock updates. Sellercloud automatically reserves availability when an order is first created and decreases it from physical inventory upon shipping.

If you have inventory in multiple warehouses, Sellercloud can allocate inventories to orders based on predefined criteria, such as region, shipping method, order value, or other targeted attributes.

Sellercloud’s dynamic warehouse management system can track inventory regardless of its status – in transit, non-sellable, etc. You can even reserve inventory for specific campaigns or pending orders.

Sync everything in the cloud

Keep your inventory synchronized across all channels.

Run multiple warehouses

Easily move and track inventory between bins and warehouses.

Track inventory from receiving to shipping

Know where everything is at all times. Embrace efficiency and reduce errors.

Let predictive purchasing alert you to re-order

Never run out of stock again. Use Sellercloud’s convenient alerts to prevent late shipments.

Update inventory from vendor feeds

Vendor feeds can be automatically imported and synced with your catalog and inventory levels

Reserve inventory for specific deals and channels

Keep a specific amount of stock for preferred channels.

Replacement products

Configure replacement SKUs for interchangeable items. Our ShipBridge Desktop application will recognize the replacement SKU based on your configuration and will print the proper shipping labels.