Our advanced features

We have some really special features for power users like you.


Automatically configure the way orders are processed based on specific predefined criteria. Plugins can effectively reduce shipping costs and fulfillment latency by optimizing fulfillment based on the delivery zone or order promise date. You can also use plugins to automatically determine which warehouse to ship from, based on criteria such as order destination or inventory availability.

Kit creation

Automatically list multiple items as a kit. Bind components’ inventories together so there’s no risk of overselling the parent SKU or the child components. Kit inventory can also be transferred to the kit as an assembly. All of this will help you keep track of P&L and item cost. Take into account all sales for the components(solo and as part of a kit) with our predictive purchasing reports.

Shadow listings

Shadow listings allow for multiple product profiles to be assigned to a single product. You can list the same product in different ways and in varying categories while keeping your inventory in sync.

Variation products

Sellercloud will help you take control of all your product variations. Products that share common characteristics with minor variations such as color or size can be posted to one listing while retaining their separate SKUs.

Product alias

No more endless searching for various products in your catalog. Easily find products by adding multiple aliases to each product.

Replacement products

Configure replacement SKUs for interchangeable items. Our ShipBridge Desktop application will recognize the replacement SKU based on your configuration and will print the proper shipping labels.