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S3 Holding

Consumer goods

S3 Holding is a consumer goods company that sells both on e-commerce and wholesale.


“We were struggling with the day to day e-commerce process – from order processing, uploading tracking, product features, details and script writing. Then we got introduced to Sellercloud.”

Yossi Kbabieh


“We were able to expand and onboard a lot of channels. If we didn’t have Sellercloud I don’t think we would have been able to have all those customers, channels and marketplaces.”

Yossi Kbabieh

Testimonial Transcript

Yossi Kbabieh: My name is Yossi Kbabieh. I’m from S3 Holding. We’re a company that sells different categories, both on e-commerce and a wholesale platform.

Jack Saadia: We specialize in consumer goods such as footwear and bedding and apparel.

Yossi Kbabieh: In early 2000 we saw where the industry is going and we needed to focus primarily on e-commerce platforms and channels in the marketplace. We’ve been struggling with the day-to-day process from order processing, uploading, tracking, and the product features and the details and the scriptwriting until we got introduced to Sellercloud.

Jeremy Greenberg: Sellercloud really touches all different parts of the business – receiving inventory, purchasing it, shipping it out to the customer, dealing with customer service, listing their products, but primarily it helps people expand to more marketplaces, more channels, helps them sell more. And having those two things in one system is really powerful.

Yossi Kbabieh: With the partnership that we had with Sellercloud we were able to expand and onboard a lot of channels that if we didn’t have Sellercloud, I don’t think we would have been able to have all those customers and channels and marketplaces. For companies out there that are looking for a solution, I definitely recommend reaching out to Sellercloud, bringing your concerns, your questions, and how they could help you grow your business.

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