Margolin Shoes and Apparel


Margolin Shoes and Apparel


Margolin Shoes and Apparel is an brandname e-commerce dealer in the shoes and sports apparel markets..


“When we began, there was no integration between our shipping software and our inventory software. There was no integration between different marketplaces and our inventory. Inventroy was in random places, and we didn’t have location notes. We felt understaffed even though we weren’t”

Danny Konanchi


“Our scores have skyrocketed since we started using Sellercloud. There’s no more manually entering customer’s information. It automatically pulls from Sellercloud and prints it on a label for us.”

Sargon Yousif
Operations Manager

Testimonial Transcript

Danny Konanchi: Margolin shoes was started over 30 years ago, it transitioned over the years into an e-commerce business. And with that transition, it has required us to become a little bit more efficient and adapt a bit. When we began, there was no integration between our shipping software and our inventory software. There was no integration between different marketplaces in our inventory. Everything was done manually. inventory was in random places, we didn’t have location notes,

Sargon Yousif: Doing things manually caused all sorts of headaches, our inventories would mess up, our Time Management just wasn’t right. We felt understaffed even though we weren’t due to us running around the warehouse, people leaving voicemails, people leaving us emails, canceling orders, and dinging us on all our sales channels really affected us in a negative way.

Danny Konanchi: Currently, we’re selling on multiple marketplaces. To have one software, handle inventory on all of them. It’s just unbelievable. And that was one of the main reasons we saw a need for change. When we started searching for a software company like Sellercloud. All the other things they do have been over-expectations. The fact that they have Shipbridge is a huge plus, not many other integration softwares have their own software that also is shipping software.

Sargon Yousif: Our scores have skyrocketed ever since we started using Shipbridge. There’s no more manually entering customers’ names, addresses, zip codes, things like that. It automatically pulls from Sellercloud and prints on a label for us. Peak season we are pushing 2, 3 – 4000 orders a day. Over the weekend coming in on Monday we’re printing out 5, 6 – 7000 orders a day and getting those out before end of day.

Danny Konanchi: Being that we sell a lot of clothing and shoes, we have a lot of variations, variations of colors, sizes, with our sports apparel, a lot of different teams, having software that knows how to actually work with those, and how to create variations is very important.

Sargon Yousif: I’d recommend Sellercloud for any commerce website or any storefront that needs their inventory managed and their orders tracked.

Danny Konanchi: Their professional way of dealing with people as well as making them feel like an individual and important customers is outstanding.

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