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Kiddie Collection

Consumer goods

Kiddie Collection is a family run business offering high quality infant and children’s products.


“When I originally started the business I had an employee dedicated only on watching the sales and manually managing the inventory on all platforms. Sellercloud eliminated that tedious work so that employee can focus on more items to sell and growing the business.”



“Posting on Sellercloud is easier for multiple channels because you only need to put the infromation once. You don’t have to do it 5 times on 5 different channels.”

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Testimonial Transcript

Shia: Kiddie Collection basically started by accident. As my wife, a mother of little kids, she always likes to buy toys for the kids. And she came across a very nice toy company at one of the trade shows. By just opening an account with them for just buying some toys for her, she found the need for these toys to be sold online. And that’s how it started in my dining room. We opened some accounts online like eBay and Amazon and we opened a little website. When I originally started the business, I had an employee dedicated only to watching the sales and managing the inventory. So when an order came in for an item on one platform, she had to go and manually deduct the inventory and all other platforms. And now Sellercloud eliminated that tedious work so that employees can focus on adding more items to sell and growing the business.

Marcha: Posting on Sellercloud is easier for multiple channels because you only have to put in the information once to go on each individual channel. You don’t have to do it five times on five different channels.

Shia: When it comes to the fourth quarter, the holiday season, typically there’s at least 10 times the amount of orders done all year round. I cannot imagine how I would handle it without Sellercloud.

Marcha: With Sellercloud it minimizes the customers’ phone calls because it’s automated after an order is placed or the shipping is sent out. Sellercloud automates all of that.

Shia: I have known the people behind Sellercloud since the beginning when they put together the company. The team at Sellercloud stands behind their product and is dedicated to the growth of my business.

Marcha: Swllrcloud does make my life easier.

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