Grow Your Customer Base With Sellercloud And Walmart Canada

Webinar Transcript

Gary Basco: Good afternoon, everyone. And thank you for joining. I am Gary Basco, here with Sellercloud. We also have Richard with us as well from Sellercloud, who will be presenting along with Jasmine, Theresa, and Janet here from Walmart. I’m excited to see such a large interest in what we have in store for you today. And I’d like to go ahead now and introduce our first presenter, Jasmine.

Jas Chaggar: Thank you, Gary. And good morning and good afternoon, wherever you are. My name is Jasmine, I manage partnerships for Walmart Canada, and I’m very excited to be here today to showcase and share with you all the things that we’re doing at Walmart Canada marketplace, and why it makes for such a compelling proposition. All right, so can you move to the next slide. So is a top online retailer in Canada, and expanding your business online with us presents a great growth opportunity for you. We are the second highest visited retail website in Canada, we have over 17 million unique monthly visitors and over 35 million items online, and they are increasing at a rapid pace as we speak. By the end of this year, we expect to have close to 50 million items online, providing Canadians with state of the art variety of items. And one of the key things about the Canadian market is that a lot of Canadians still tend to look up to US marketplaces or US-based websites to find the items that they’re looking for. So one of the key growth areas for us is to bring all of those assortments that you have to offer into Canada via our marketplace and make sure the vast majority of Canadians end up shopping for those.

Now the Walmart upper management has made a lot of investments in Canada, and it’s showing that Walmart is growing and growing fast. We want to be the omnichannel leader, we are the omnichannel leader providing a faster, easier, and trusted shopping experience. For example, we have invested $3.5 billion in growth and customer experience transformation across all stores and the e-commerce experience. We’ve also invested in the omnichannel shopping experience. When I say omnichannel, it means that given the fact that we have our vast presence in stores all across Canada and how we have a wide e-commerce network, we want to be making sure that our customers are able to utilize both of them and get the best experience in shopping as possible. And one of the things that enable that is, for example, being able to return the items they buy online and store. Or if they have the need to, they can just ship directly to the store and have it picked up from there. Most Canadians, or at least I would say 70 to 80% of Canadians live within a few miles of a Walmart store in Canada. So that brings up a huge advantage when you end up going to Walmart and being able to do everything else. We invested $500 million dollars to modernize the stores across the country, new warehouse technologies, and making sure that new and improved payment methods are applicable on the website.

Now as far as customer segments close, these are three main segments that we are catering to. Millennials are our largest segment 41%, between the ages of 18 to 34. And a majority of them are in urban centers. The next major segment is families with kids. 55% of our online shoppers are married or are partnered and have a household size of more than three people. And lastly, the affluent segments. So 54% of our customers have medium to high income, and 83% of those have had access to higher education.

Now, one of the key focus areas for us is growing the list of Direct brands and retailers that we have on Walmart, some of these brands that you see here. So for example, Lenovo, Dyson, Pat Pat, Sleep Country, all of these are now selling directly on Walmart, and this is a very key focus area. We have a dedicated team that looks only at growing the portfolio of strategic brands. And what that does is also tends to bring in a halo effect of attracting other brands and attracting more customers as well to the site. So this is an area that we are focusing on big time. This list continues to grow as we speak. And you can expect to hear more things from us in this field. Now what you really bring as a seller on the Walmart platform is you get access to Walmart’s partner network and services which are exclusively for Walmart sellers. So I mentioned this earlier – access to Walmart store, pickup, and returns. Customers have access to Walmart’s nationwide retail network for more delivery options and faster returns. You end up going to Walmart to buy your groceries, so returning items or getting your items picked up, especially if it is a large item makes it very easy.

Shipping rates and services. Leveraging Walmart’s discounted shipping rates and partners for domestic and US to Canada shipping and we’ll have our colleague speak more on this later, is a huge advantage that we bring in. Brand ratings and reviews, we’ve partnered with Bazaar voice to aggregate reviews across the e-commerce sites and bring them onto the platform. And Walmart Connect, which is our omnichannel advertising solution, which connects brands to Canadian shoppers. Now a combination of all of these is ensuring that we are seeing the growth that we’ve seen over the last couple of years, more than 100% growth. And as a seller on the platform, you get access to all of these. So again, leveraging discounted domestic shipping rates exclusively for Walmart Canada sellers, we’ve got partnerships with just about all shipping partners. And we have all of the experience and retail and capabilities to manage and fulfilling e-commerce orders across multiple marketplace platforms. So shipping labels, order fulfillment, same and next day shipping, US to Canada shipping, shipping with Walmart, warehousing, tracking, all of that is available. And like I said, for Walmart customers, all of them have discounted rates available.

Okay, so, all hunky dory, there’s a great place to come and set up your business to expand your business and tap into new market territory. So what do you need to become a marketplace seller? Now one of the key differences between us and other marketplaces also with respect to Walmart US is that we are a closed marketplace. And what that means is that you need to apply and be approved in order to start listing your items on the marketplace. How that works is you need to have a Canadian business number and be set up as a non-resident importer, NRI, if you’re not based in Canada, so for sellers based in the US, and we of course, help you with this process as well. Having a Canadian warehouse is not mandatory. You need to have a US or Canada-based warehouse that will work as a return address as well. And you need to show a demonstrated history of e-commerce success across other platforms. Then you bring in a compelling product catalog, exciting products with well-defined attributes, and competitive pricing. And lastly, exceptional customer experience. If you have fast and reliable fulfillment with all duties are delivered prepared. So DDP shipments all of them. And as I mentioned earlier, a Canadian warehouse for a registered company is not mandatory.

One of the questions that always comes up during these is because Canada is a bilingual country officially. So we have English and French. How does that factor in? Now, French, it’s nothing that will prevent you from going live. The government regulations do have that French should be part of your listings. However, there is nothing that prevents you from going live with English first. And you can always scale up eventually when that regulation strictly comes into effect. But for now, these are the main criteria that you need to satisfy to be able to start selling on the marketplace.

So how does the whole process work? Well, we’ll share the application link here, and you start filling it out. You tell us about yourself, your business, and your products in the online application. It’s a fairly straightforward 10-minute application. Then the contract gets created to review and sign the Walmart retailer agreement once you’re approved. And then, we send you a link to register where you complete it, and you set up your profile. For those of you who already set up shop on, this is fairly familiar to you, then we onboard you, and then you go live. And finally, we have a dedicated account manager who will work with you to make sure that you see considerable growth in this area. So that’s the journey for a Walmart seller.

How do we work in terms of commissions? So we have a flat commission-based structure. What that means is depending on the category that you sell in, we have a flat commission fee. I’ll leave this slide on here for a few seconds so that you can just absorb this a bit. As you can see, it ranges from about 8% to as high as 20% for some categories such as jewelry, but that’s the broad range. So 8% of 20%, most of them would fall in the 12 to 15% category. Right so you’re invited to join our exclusive seller list for Walmart Canada. You can visit our site to get more information on this. And you can also reach out to us at the email address provided here. We will of course, send you a follow-up with the email addresses as well. For any questions that you have we will be more than happy to help you. We have a dedicated business development team that works directly with sellers as well. And we are more than looking forward to having you join on board and expand your business. Thank you very much for your time today. Now I’m going to pass it on to my colleague Teresa who is going to speak about shipping with Walmart and cross-border trade. Thank you so much.

Teresa Ward: Thank you, Jas. Thank you for the great overall overview of this awesome opportunity, and hi, everyone. My name is Teresa Ward. I’m on the Walmart international marketplace development team. And I want to talk to you guys about cross-trade and ship with Walmart programs. So offers a great opportunity for us sellers to grow their customer base, their brands, and their sales. With over 1.5 million daily visits in 2021. I’m gonna pause on that for just a second, 1.5 million views daily. Wow, a lot of views. Business Finance found that Canadians trust the Walmart brand. In fact, in 2021, LinkedIn ranked Walmart as one of the country’s top 10 Most Influential brands. So what’s this mean for US sellers? Well, according to, Canadians spent more than 60% of their disposable income on US-based goods and services in 2021. This means that Canadians are already comfortable with buying cross-border. Now we understand that cross-border shipping can present some new challenges for some sellers. And to help navigate the international shipping. We’ve created a ship with Walmart program, allowing sellers to leverage Walmart negotiated shipping rates and a lot of other great benefits. So the ship with Walmart program is an application program. You can find the application in your Canada Seller Center. We have a few different options for sellers to choose from that best fit their needs. The first option is the Ship with Walmart Express program with FedEx. This is what we call a door-to-door service. Transit time is between three and five days. And this program is really ideal for sellers with smaller lightweight items. This service does require an API connection either directly with you and Walmart or through one of our service providers Geekseller or Ced Commerce. The other options that we offer are through a company called Purolator. It’s shipped with Walmart ground and Ship with Walmart affiliate. So they are both through Purolator. And they’re considered a consolidating service. The programs are essentially the same. There’s a few differences. This is really ideal for sellers who have 20 or more orders per day or if they’re shipping heavy items. Transit time for these guys is somewhere between seven and ten business days. And it’s what we call a hub-to-door service. So this means that you would pick, pack, and prepare your orders, consolidate them into an over box, and then you would ship them to the Purolator hub that’s closest to you. From there, Purolator is going to take care of your customs paperwork, and then they’re going to ship that product to your customer.

The difference between the two programs is with the affiliate program. You get those great Walmart negotiated rates. But you’re actually allowed to use this program with other marketplaces that you do business with. It requires very little integration as far as getting up and running. And on the ground side, this is an exclusive service for Walmart. It offers better rates in the affiliate, but the affiliate still has great rates. So you can only use the ground service with your Walmart Canada marketplace. This one does require that you have an API connection again either through our Geekseller or Ced Commerce or if you have the ability to do a direct API connection. We also offer a JD fulfillment service which is considered like the white glove service. These guys handle everything for you. You ship your product to them. They slot it in their warehouse, then they take the orders for review, they’ll pick them up, pack them, ship and take care of them for you.

If you’re a seller that ships from China directly to Canada, there are a couple of options there for you as well. We have a standard and an express program. If you’d like more information on that particular program, you can email us at the Walmart marketplace growth email that you’ll find at the end of this presentation and we’ll be happy to provide some more information. Some other benefits that are included with the Ship with Walmart program are assistance with your Canadian business number and your non-resident importer number. They provide duty estimations to help with pricing. They will prepare your import paperwork, and you have access to customs brokerage.

So how did you get signed up? So glad you asked. So if you’re already selling in the US and you have an active US Seller center, we do have a pilot program that has been rolled out to some sellers. If you are enabled for this program, you can navigate to your settings. In Settings, you will go down to your administration or administrator options. And if you’re enabled, you’ll have an option called New markets. You’ll click on that New markets, and I’ll bring up the application process. And you can fill out the information and hit submit. The cool thing about this particular pilot is it gives you the status updates as your application makes its way through the process. Now again, this is a pilot program, so it’s not enabled for everybody. If you’re not enabled for it, don’t even worry about it. We will be sharing a link on in chat where you can click and apply and takes you through the application process as well. Once your application is approved, you will be assigned an account manager, someone like me, who will be your contact to the onboarding process and your advocate to get up and selling on I appreciate your guys’ time today. I’m going to hand it over to Richard with Sellercloud to go over their program. Thanks so much, guys.

Richard Bedford: Thank you, Teresa. Hi, everyone. My name is Richard Bedford. I work for Sellercloud in Implementations and in Technical support. So let’s jump right in and look at some of the Walmart Canada integration from a Sellercloud perspective. So Sellercloud’s integration with Walmart Canada is very easily streamlined into your existing channel management. And we will illustrate some of this for you. It works very similarly for those of you who are familiar with using Sellercloud for Walmart in the US. It’s a very similar process. And it even has a few tidbits of cross integration that will make the process much easier once you’re already selling on Walmart. So Sellercloud is going to offer an easy and painless solution for managing Walmart Canada listings, as well as obviously the other channels that you may be integrated with. You can import your active US listings and share them on Walmart Canada using Shadow SKUs. You’ll download your orders into Sellercloud and update tracking back to Walmart Canada, automatically updating your inventory and your pricing to the channel. And also, import RMAs from Walmart Canada directly into Sellercloud to make managing all of your orders inventory and everything regarding that channel much easier and streamlined.

So we’re going to walk you through the integration process here. First off, as previously mentioned, you will have to apply to sell on Walmart Canada. A different account will be created for you on the Canadian marketplace. And you’ll need to go through the application process to become a Walmart marketplace Canada seller. So in terms of Sellercloud, you will have to create a separate company within your Sellercloud account, and that’s where you’ll manage everything regarding your Walmart Canada integration. So if you want to take a look, here, we have a little illustration of how you will easily create a second company for all these Walmart Canada integrations. If you see here, you’ll go into Settings, you will click on the green plus sign and that’ll let you create a new company. And you can change the country code. You can change the currency, and then, of course, you’ll have your business address, which, if you’re a US seller, will still be in the United States, even though you’re selling on a Canadian marketplace, you’ll still use that address that you already have. And just like that, you’ll create a Canadian Walmart marketplace company.

So next, connecting to Walmart Canada, you’ll open in that new company your Walmart marketplace settings just like you would for Walmart US you’ll enter the ID and the key, which you’ll copy from Seller Central for Walmart, Canada. And then, you’ll also need to click, as many of you are probably very familiar with, on the Action menu option Verify private key. Just so you know, the verification process may take up to 24 hours. And now, if you want to direct your attention to this illustration, it will show you how it’s done. You’ll go into the Toolbox. Walmart marketplace, you’ll enable it, and then you’ll enter that consumer ID, the private key, and your display name, and then you can go ahead and save it. Now as far as importing your listings, you don’t need to start from scratch and create all of your listings, you can import all of your existing product listings directly into Sellercloud, and then you’ll just fill in any relevant information for the Walmart Canada integration. Sellercloud is going to help you simplify the workflow by allowing you to just set default settings that’ll apply to all of your products. So if you see here in the Options box, you can choose your product identifier, a safety quantity, default and Max quantities, a tax code, a shipping fee, and fulfillment latency for those of you who know that it will take you a certain amount of time to fulfill and ship out your orders. And then, you can set a shipping template.

So now we’ll go over a couple of supported features here. Product posting, you can post your product listings straight from Sellercloud the same way you would any other marketplace in Sellercloud. So if you want to take a look here, we’ll show you how to pull up products and then list them directly onto Walmart marketplace, which for the company that you’ve set up for Walmart Canada, will be obviously the Canadian Walmart marketplace. So you’ll pull up, and filter by which company the products are in, the Walmart status here will be ready but not posted. Then you can select all of your SKUs at once and then go to the Action menu and launch it on the channel. It’ll pop up a box to select the channel, and then you’ll select Walmart marketplace and launch. This will queue up a queue job. And once that queue job has run, all of your products will have been sent and will be listed actively on the marketplace.

So for product posting, what you can do to make your life much more simple is use all of your existing Walmart us listings and create Shadow SKUs in bulk, which will really simplify transferring those products over to the Walmart Canada company. As many of you are probably familiar with our Shadows, inventory levels between the main product, the parent product, and its shadow are linked. So inventory movements of one product will affect the others. So, for example, if you have 100 units of a product, and you sell 20 of them in Walmart Canada, the parent product that you may have listed in Walmart US will also be deducted by 20. So you won’t risk overselling.

Now, if you want to look at this illustration here, the video will show you how to create Shadows in bulk. It’s a very simple process that makes your life much easier. You’ll pull up the company that you use to sell on Walmart marketplace US. You’ll search for enabled products, pull up all your products, and select them. Then go to the Action menu, Create Shadows. You can enter a suffix. We recommend something like dash CA to denote that it’s for Walmart Canada, and then you’ll choose the company that you are creating the Shadows in. So the Walmart marketplace Canada company and just like that it’ll queue up a job and create Shadows from your regular Walmart US company to your Walmart Canada company.

In terms of syncing your orders, order downloading an automatic order acknowledgement from Sellercloud to Walmart Canada is as easy as going to the Walmart marketplace page in your Walmart Canada company. You’ll enable order download and enable auto acknowledge orders. In terms of your inventory sync, you’ll sync up your Walmart Canada inventory by selecting the option on the same page to enable inventory upload and this will send an active inventory list to the marketplace. In terms of our shipping options and integrations, Ship Bridge, which is our shipping app, provides you with a shipping rate for each order and gives you the option to choose your service provider for Canada. So you can take advantage of easy international shipping with the GAP, Global Advantage program, through our integration with Endicia. The way that it works is you’ll print a GAP shipping label and mail your package to the Global Post shipping center in the US. From there all the required international shipping labels will be affixed to your package automatically. And your package will be sent to the UPS International Service Center, where it will be delivered like any other shipment to the buyer in Canada.

And then, we have automatic tracking uploads for your order fulfillment. So Sellercloud will send automatic tracking information of all of your shipped orders back to Walmart Canada. All you have to do from the Walmart marketplace General Settings page under your Walmart Canada company is click there, as you can see in the illustration here, Enable Tracking Export, and we’ll send that information to the marketplace. So, now I’m going to hand it back to Walmart to finish up the presentation.

Janet Cameron: Thank you so much, Rich, really appreciate that. Good afternoon, everyone. And thanks for joining us today. My name is Janet Cameron, and I lead our dynamic key account management team. We’re working directly with you to optimize your assortment on We’re obsessed and focused on our customers and our seller growth. Today I’ll be taking you through our deal center, different vehicles to delight our customers so they can save money and live better our marketing and events, and I’ll also share with you how we continue to surface unique offers and lastly, how we’re able to surface your promotions through our Seller Center portal.

Sellers’ everyday offers can be enhanced by using the reduced price flag for a limited time. These discounted offers show the price with a strikethrough of the original price and run no longer than eight weeks at this retail before reverting back to the original retail when US sellers realize a minimum average of approximately 20% or more. The image to the right highlights the reduced price badge shown on the back of the shelf and the bottom right product of our PIP or product page. Visitors to can peruse thousands of offers that have been flagged with reduced price flags, new offers average increase of a load of middle triple digits. Traffic visits continue as a halo effect post eight weeks. Now the most important for us is building a trusted marketplace and we suggest that a minimum of 10% is applied to these promotions with categories with tighter margins, sometimes surfacing at about a minimum of 15% reduced price. At the end of the season, product life or inventory or clear-out deals is your clearance flag to our customers. These offers are not surfaced once the product inventory is finished. This essentially is our way of saying, hey, we’re gonna get rid of this at the best price possible. They are typically used mostly during our boxing week. We now have deals of the week that we utilize always. So our deals of the week or the deals a week is a reoccurring campaign where items are featured at a promotional price for a full week, beginning on a Thursday and finishing on a Wednesday of the following week. The average product lift for participating products is over 150%. So this is an excellent growth driver for your business. In order to be accepted, an offer must be at a reduced price. Clear-out deals do not qualify and will not be accepted. Now successful offers are seasonally relevant, trendy, or sales drivers, unique and exclusive to Walmart also helps. The Maximum number of seller submissions permitted per week will be provided in the event details. So please ensure that you review these details before submitting.

Our deals hub, which we’re so super proud of, showcases offers as shown on the category tiles. These reflect seasonality and trends throughout the year. Also located in the deals hub or, as we like to call it, DOD sometimes, with our daily deals, is a recurring campaign that features items in our deals hub for 24 hours at the hottest retail price within the last 30 days. Now, these daily deals are supported by marketing and run from travel 1 am to 11:59 pm PST each day. Each month we’ll have a different theme based on the season and what’s hot in the market. You can participate by submitting items that meet our requirements and selecting your preferred feature date. Now, if that date that you’ve requested is not available or at a capacity, we will opt and share with you another day that will work best with your products.

Slash deals are similar to the reduced price promotion timed for less than 24 hours. Now, this is the newest of our deals hub. And really an exciting proposition for our customers where they are looking for these deals, they’re really timed less than 24 hours. So you, the seller partner, can set up a deal for a minimum of 15 minutes, and they’ll actually have a countdown timer. The deeper the discount, the shorter the timeframe required for the deal. Now ensure that the key account manager that you work with knows the date and time that you’ve set up the deal in Seller Center to ensure that you or your items are featured and shown to our customers when they visit

Now we all know two is always better than one when the value prop is right for our customers, or you want to clear your inventory. The success of multi-saves largely depends on the type of products you offer when considering a multi-save. First, consider whether the product is normally used or purchased in multiples or is it a consumable commodity like socks, balls, or wine. So the idea of having a multi-save on maybe two bedroom sets may not be the best offer possible unless we’re doing it because we want to cater to customers in an area where there are maybe lots of twins.

Our trusted refurb assortment is largely driven by the brand owners such as Dyson. Any open box or returns in great A condition, you must be approved to be surfacing refurbed on our platform. Each product must be tested to ensure it is like new working condition. Products will receive brand new batteries and new outer enclosures, ensuring there’s no or minimal cosmetic damage. This is a great program where customers are really, really adhering to that, especially in a market where we see the volatility going in the market. This is a great option for our seller partners that engage in reefer programs. Now one of the things that’s really different about is that we embrace inclusivity in our assortment, and that includes global or themed events that can be seasonally culturally or just occasion based and have their own set of guidelines that you must follow to be eligible to participate. Now, these event durations can vary, and as communicated in Seller Center, they may be supported with marketing campaigns, depending on the season or the focus of the event. Our singles week event continues to be a traffic driver, which is highly engaging. And as you can see here, we’re sharing with you what we’ve we’ve done with Lunar New Year, really, really embracing not only our ecosystem by enjoying and using elements direct from the source, but also ensuring that we’re leveraging our 1P marketing in terms of our core business. So this is now an enterprise-wide event driven by the marketplace. Recently, in the spring, we did a furniture event that was a homepage takeover that increased the visibility of the support of marketplace items. So this is not you coming on our platform, and we hope that a customer finds you. We actually create events based on the assortment that surfaces within our ecosystem to drive the business. And as you can see, we took over the homepage and drove traffic in that way.

Email is one of the biggest drivers in the way to communicate. As you know, by probably all the emails that you get in your inbox, the email on the left is part of what we do, along with a push notification that goes through our apps. So Subscribers will get essentially what you see on the right in their inbox that they’re able to push directly right to the site. So just one click brings you right to your product page. This is available through communication with your key account manager. If you’re not sure who your key account manager is, please log a support ticket. And we’ll be happy to connect you with that key account manager who’s there to really help you drive your business.

Now, hot off the press. This is the hottest thing going right now in Walmart Canada. So excited to share this with you, Sellercloud partners, our deals of the week Flip flyer, and if you don’t know what Flip is, it’s a really a repository of flyers that are available throughout Canada, throughout the Canadian market and you put in your postal code to be able to see what is in your local region. We have had tremendous success with this after our tests, and now this is a full program that we run on a weekly basis. We’re currently offering the traditional exposure free to sellers. So there’s no charge. You’ve just got to be in good standing, meaning that you’re taking care of our customers. Your ODR metrics are really exactly where we need them to be. Now Flip is essentially like I said, a Canadian app that hosts local and the latest weekly ads, deals, coupons, and really, with over 2000 stores that advertise on here, there is like millions of traffic being driven to Now participating partners can expect an increase in traffic to their submitted items, as well as actual conversion. So your storefront, you will see increased conversion, as the homepage links directly to the offers on So not only will you get that halo effect going into your storefront, but we also have that activity in our daily deals hub.

This is where we talk about those unique category offers that are available on Now, do you have any offers that are unique for Canadians? With our marketplace, we have the ability to really give visibility to the unique offers, what you see here, and you know, and this is global. So no matter where you reside in the world, if you have products that are unique to Canada and unique to our platform, we’ll be happy to surface those. We got fresh bagels coming from Montreal. And as you can see here, we partnered with a farm in northern Ontario that has organic grass fed hormone-free which is Braddock farms, and we’re so proud to partner with them. This is exclusive to and exclusive to marketplaces in Canada with delivery the next day. So if you have a unique value proposition, we are happy to work with you to surface that for Canadians.

Now, lastly, I think from an inclusive item lens, we want to ensure all customers experience offers that meet their needs. Our local lives here page really highlights Canadian sellers, featuring local businesses and local stores, and stories of sellers in our ecosystem. Now we created and surface seller partners, shown here, highlighting different seller segments related to themes. And we’ve previously highlighted women-owned businesses, whether it is minority-owned, these are the things that we’re going to continue to evolve. And like we did, we celebrated local businesses, for women, specifically in the month of March.

I’d like to thank you for your time today. I’m going to end my presentation by sharing with you that our team continues to focus on delivering efficiency throughout the year. On a weekly basis, we review and update our tech roadmap with the goal of making it seamless for you, our seller partners, to participate in your growth with campaigns and events. In Seller Center, all you need to do is click on that Growth opportunity section under Analytics and navigate to Manage events and campaigns. Once again, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team, and we’ll be happy to connect with you. Thanks, everyone. Appreciate your time.

Gary Basco: All right, everybody. So I’m going to open this up now to any questions that you may have for either Sellercloud or Walmart. So the price range for Sellercloud services, we do start out at a monthly minimum of $1,000. And that’s going to include your first 4000 orders that come into your Sellercloud account. Sellingcloud is also going to give you as many marketplace integrations as many companies you want to build into that account within that monthly minimum. So feel free to link that Walmart Canada, Walmart US, and any of your other varying marketplaces as well under that one central hub for that one monthly minimum.

Teresa Ward: So Kai has a question about linking the Canada marketplace to the US marketplace. If you have an existing Canada marketplace and US marketplace, you can definitely link those two. If you go into your Settings on your Canada marketplace, have your US seller ID handy, there is an option in your Settings to be able to link your accounts. When you click on that option, you’re going to enter in your US seller ID. Once you hit submit, you need to go into your US Seller Center and approve. There’ll be a blue ribbon that pulls up on the top of your marketplace, where you will just click approve, and then it’ll link your accounts. So once your accounts are linked, we do have some Catalog importing that is available. It’s not available to all sellers yet, we are working on getting that rolled out, but some sellers have been enabled for it. It is only available for sellers who have items that fall in the Home category, Clothing category, Toys category, Electronics, Sports and recreation, and in Health and wellness. So if you have items that fall in those categories, go over to your left-hand menu on the Canada seller side. Down towards the bottom, there is an option under Cross border. The option is called import items. You’ll click on that option if it’s there. And from there, it will pull in any items that are eligible for catalog importing. Now in order to make this work, you do have to have administrator rights. So if you’re not the administrator of your account, you won’t know if you have that option or not. So make sure that you’re having someone with those administrative rights look that up for you. The importing process is very simple. You just follow the prompts. Select the items that you want to import or select categories you want to import. There are some questions down at the bottom about how you want to arrange your pricing. Once you have all those questions answered, you’re going to export a candidate spec sheet. We want to make sure you go through there and you agree with your content and your pricing and put any ship overrides in there. Once all that’s complete, you’re just going to upload it in the Add New Items section, and your item setup is done.

Gary Basco: Just to answer your question there, JM, Sellercloud is an omnichannel marketing solution. We are working with all these different marketplaces to do things like pull orders, aggregate that information, help you with your product listings and content enrichment and do things like inventory feed and update management.

Teresa Ward: So we have a question about changing price on the Canada site. So you will be able to manage your retails in your Canada Seller Center. You are responsible for keeping up with the Canadian exchange rate. And you do want to take that into account when you’re assigning your retails as you’re setting up your items on the Canadian side, and then just keep an eye on them as the exchange rate is fluctuating. So if you can make any updates that are needed, you can do that in bulk through the Canadian Seller Center as well.

Jas Chaggar: One of the questions that we had was: Can you dropship products, or do you have to send products to a Walmart warehouse. Now, if you’re utilizing a service like Shipped with Walmart, then you can ship it to one of our partner warehouses if you’re using a fulfillment center through one of our partners. Otherwise, since it’s a marketplace, the shipping is the concern of the seller, so you will have to be responsible for making sure the item reaches the customers.

Tracy Cordova: Jazz and Theresa, we have one seller who wants to know where they could get in-depth shipping information for Walmart Canada. They wanted to know both US to Canada as well as intra-Canada. Jas, do you want to take the domestic piece?

Jas Chaggar: Sure. So for the domestic shipping piece, we’ve got partnerships with just about all major carriers within Canada, and being a Walmart seller does enable you to get some discounted rates. I can send you more information on that. Please reach out to us at the email addresses that we’ll be sharing, and we can share more information.

Teresa Ward: On the ship with Walmart program, I’m going to drop a link in the chat that will take you to our Seller Help webpage. And there are a lot of articles out there about the ship with Walmart program. This is also a web page where you have a lot of different options. You can search different questions and whatnot. It’s an extremely helpful site.

Tracy Cordova: I think another hot question on everyone’s mind is can they use WFS and ship to Canada? The answer is no on that. But Jas, do you want to add anything?

Jas Chaggar: Yeah, so WFS is not yet active in Canada. It’s very much on the fringes of getting launched. We are working towards getting it done. But we will not have a lot of details on WFS until it gets. But to echo Tracy’s point, yes, it is not going to be as straightforward as that. We will need to get a lot more detail on WFS when it launches to provide you with more information on that.

Tracy Cordova: And Theresa, for those that are interested in Ship with Walmart services, they can find information, you dropped the link in the chat, but they can apply for that where?

Teresa Ward: If you would like to apply for the Ship with Walmart program, you’re going to go into your Canada Seller Center. On the left menu towards the bottom under the Cross Border Services section, there is the Ship with Walmart option. In there you will select the service you want to apply for and then complete the application.

Jas Chaggar: Another question we have is: how do you get a Canadian business number? So it’s a fairly straightforward process. If you, let’s say, for example, even if you were to just Google in business number, you’d be able to get the link to the government site where you can go and give some details about your company, and you’d be able to get a Canadian. So business number. It is not a complicated process. Please reach out to us if you’re facing difficulty and you know we can share what we know about this.

Teresa Ward: So there is a question about using their own three PL warehouse to manage their deliveries? You absolutely can. There is a way to integrate your 3PL service with your Seller Center. If you want to contact us where the warmer emails are and ask your question, and provide some seller information, we’ll be happy to get back to you with it.

Jas Chaggar: One of the questions that we had is if you run campaigns through Walmart-sponsored products in the US marketplace, and you’re using Canadian marketplace accounts that are linked, would you be able to run campaigns or products simultaneously in both marketplaces. You could run them simultaneously. However, you would need to set it up differently. So these are, of course, sister concerns, but they both run very separately. So on the US marketplace, you will have to set up your promotion separately, and on Canada it’s a slightly different process to set up those promotions. Janice spoke about all the things that you could do. But you would need to do it individually for both marketplaces.

Tracy Cordova: Jas, we have that one question that always seems to pop up about taxes. Does Walmart collect taxes in Canada just like in the US?

Jas Chaggar: So as far as taxes are concerned, you know, we are not at the position of giving out tax advise. You would have to speak to a tax specialist. We do not. We collect taxes for certain provinces as mandated, but taxes ultimately are the responsibility of the seller.

Tracy Cordova: There’s a question about do you plan to sync types of promotions by way of both regions? Now, it seems like they are a bit different. I think that one might be for Janet.

Janet Cameron: Hi, it’s actually a really great question. And probably in all the webinars, I’ve ever done, Tracy, the first time, so this is a great question. Thanks for asking. Not at this time. I think one of the things that makes us unique is the value proposition niche market. But I think that one of the things we’ve been really great at doing is thinking to ensure that the offers are very similar. We want to ensure that the capabilities that we have on are similar to If there’s anything that you think that you could benefit from that works really, really well, in terms of a program, etc., please share that and we’re happy to review that in our ecosystem, but not at this time, but definitely something for future discussions as I made with my partners in .com.

Tracy Cordova: Thanks, Janet. I think that’s great. You called out that we listened to our sellers, and we aim to please.

Janet Cameron: Always. They build our ecosystem, always, Tracy, always.

Jas Chaggar: The question is from your Walmart Seller Center. I’m assuming the US account. How can you switch to the Canadian Walmart Seller Center. There’s actually a drop-down up right, if I remember correctly, where you can switch to the to the Canadian client. We did that some time ago so that should be fairly easy for you to do.

Another question is: What’s the next country you’re thinking about crossing into? Well, that’s a good question. I think there’s a lot of talk about expanding. And I think Walmart Canada currently already has sellers from USA and Canada, of course, but also from China, from the UK, also some sellers from India. So we are absolutely open, and we’re exploring what other countries we can start getting our value proposition into.

Janet Cameron: Yeah, we work with that close to, I think, 15 countries now and so essentially, globally. If you’re interested in being part of the ecosystem, I think the team shared with you the stats.

Jas Chaggar: To switch between the US and Canada clients, there is a drop-down that comes in the top right, I believe, of your Seller Central account, which you should be able to access to switch clients. If not, please reach out to us, or you can raise a partner support case with the US team if you already have an account there, and they should be able to help as well.

Janet Cameron: Hi, Tracy, can I answer that last question? As far as the Health products, can I sell everything from my inventory? This is actually something that we’ve been trying to manage. We did actually initially have it open, unfortunately. Some of the items that are approved for distribution through the regular channels in the US are actually considered scheduled two or three in Canada. So my suggestion to you is to ensure that all products that you would like to surface on our platform have been approved for surfacing in Canada through Health Canada that would be your first step is to ensure that everything that you want to surface is allowed to be surfaced in Canada, but we are happy to host you, once you have that validation from Health Canada. You can serve that up through a support case and we’ll be happy to review and open up the area of the site for you to surface your products.

Jas Chaggar: There’s a question for you, Tracy, that I guess you can take right at the end?

Tracy Cordova: Perfect. How do we sell on the Mexico marketplace? Definitely we will look at reaching out to you post-event and provide you with more information and details there.

Jas Chaggar: Even for sellers, for example, I see a couple of questions for the Mexico marketplace. Please reach out to the email addresses given here at, and Teresa and Tracy can help you navigate that fast. I think that’s pretty much all the time that we’ve got for today. Thank you very much to everyone who joined in today. Thank you to my co-panelists, Gary, Teresa, Tracy, and Janet, for making the time and for everybody, all the participants who came in. I hope this was of some value to you. For any questions, please reach out to us at the email addresses that we give out. We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your queries, and we hope to see you come and join the marketplace soon. Thank you very much, and have a great rest of the day.

Janet Cameron: Thanks, everyone. Have a great day.

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