Turnstock by Sellercloud

Turnstock helps you sell on Amazon and have your customers pick up orders in-store, with Amazon Local Selling.
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Key Features

Add your store to Amazon

Effortlessly enable and manage items for Amazon Local Selling within Turnstock.

Reach shoppers nearby

Great for customers shopping from Amazon’s online store that are within your local delivery or in-store pickup areas.

Offer a smooth buying experience

Bring customers directly to you by harnessing the selling power and experience of Amazon.

Control your inventory

Seamlessly process per-store inventory and manually update order status when orders are picked up in-store.

Add new revenue streams

Get more exposure for your products and expand your customer base.

Reduce fulfillment costs

With local pick up you can eliminate your shipping costs altogether.

Where to start

Step 01

Submit your Local Selling application and Amazon’s team will contact you.

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Step 02

Once approved by Amazon for Local Selling, launch your products and inventory for your location(s) from the Sellercloud platform.

Step 03

Process your orders and prepare items for home delivery and/or in-store customer pick up, all without leaving the Sellercloud platform.

Step 04

Fulfill pre-ordered items through delivery or pick up easily with Sellercloud.

BOPIS easy as 1, 2, 3

Control which items are enabled for pick up in-store or local delivery.

Step 1 - Create your store

Use Turnstock to create your store and sync it with Amazon Local Selling. To add your store on Amazon, you need to fill out your general store information, your business, and pickup hours.

Step 2 - Manage products

Decide which products to offer for pickup in-store and update Amazon store quantity. Search products and select store locations for local pickup. Manually update store quantity to Amazon.

Step 3 - Manage orders

Effortlessly manage and track your BOPIS orders from start to finish. Search for your Amazon orders in Turnstock. Mark orders as ready for in-store pickup. Manually update the order status when the customer comes to receive their order in-store.

Manage in-store pickup

Step 01

Search for your Amazon orders in Turnstock

Step 02

Mark order as ready for in-store pickup

Step 03

Update order status to completed (picked up)


Manage your Amazon Local Selling with Turnstock

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