Sellercloud vs. Extensive
Feature Comparison

There are many reasons why Extensive customers have started to migrate to Sellercloud.

Expand your business without worrying about restrictive SKU caps or limited customization options. With its powerful and cost-effective solutions, Sellercloud stands out as the superior alternative to Extensive .

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Transparent pricing
No need to contact a rep. Check our pricing calculator.

Subscription fees
Start your account at $1100 with a monthly subscription, no contracts.

Onboarding (included in the price)
Get up and running with the help of our experts.


Lack of Transparent pricing
Pricing is not disclosed upfront. Instead, potential customers must request a quote.

Subscription fees
Starts at $ 999 per month and goes to $2000+ per month for 5000 orders.

There’s an additional charge for implementation – between $1500 – $5000.

Points to consider

Free implementation

Sellercloud’s WMS implementation doesn’t require any developers, making it easy for you to get started. The process is free and can be managed by you without any additional costs. Extensive ‘s WFS requires a developer’s help, and the process incurs a cost, ultimately increasing the expenses for your business.

Listing capabilities

Sellercloud’s centralized master catalog lets you list and manage an unlimited number of SKUs across all of your channels. With Extensive , you have a cap of 125 000 SKUs, which can be very restrictive.

Returns management 

Unlike Extensive e, Sellercloud gives you the ability to manage refund requests and order cancelations across many of the most popular channels, all within the same platform.


With Sellercloud, you can create a personalized workflow that fits your business needs. Extensive doesn’t offer the same powerful capabilities for customization, which can limit your ability to streamline operations and grow.

Shipping software included

Sellercloud has its own Shipping app that comes with your Sellercloud account free of charge. Extensive does not have any features for managing shipping and fulfillment, such as generating shipping labels or tracking orders.

Exceptional customer support

Sellercloud is celebrated for its exceptional customer support. The platform offers a dedicated support team to help sellers with any issues or questions they may have.


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