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There are many reasons that brands and merchants of all sizes choose Sellercloud over Brightpearl.

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”Our biggest struggles were listing our products and aggregating our data on the various marketplaces we’re selling on. Moving to Sellercloud gave us customized reporting capabilities, and best of all – a fully integrated WMS!”
-Stanley Munk, CFO
Golding Group Inc.


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Transparent pricing
No need to contact a rep. Check our pricing calculator.

Subscription fees
Start your account at $1100 per month.

No commission charges
Pay order fees per FBM and FBA.

No paid integrations
All existing Sellercloud integrations are free to use.

No additional charges
No hidden fees. What you see is what you get.


Lack of transparent pricing
Pricing not disclosed upfront. Instead, potential customers must request a quote.

Subscription fees
With Brightpearl, pricing can vary significantly depending on the scale of your business, while Sellercloud offers stable pricing that’s accessible to businesses of all sizes. Some quotes for Brightpeal can start from $10,000 per month.

Paid integrations
Some of Brightpearl’s existing integrations will require sellers to pay an additional fee to use them. Pricing not disclosed.

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Points to consider

Low barrier to entry

For small businesses, the high barrier to entry with Brightpearl can be a significant obstacle, with some quotes starting from $10,000 per month. In contrast, Sellercloud has a low barrier to entry, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.


Brightpearl may not offer the flexibility you need if you require a high level of customization. However, Sellercloud has hundreds of plugin options, giving you the ability to tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Third-party integrations

While Brightpearl has a wide range of integrations, you may find that your specific integration needs are not fully supported. In comparison, Sellercloud has a more extensive range of integrations, ensuring that you can seamlessly sell on all the marketplaces you want and expand your business.

Seamless barcode scanning

Unlike Sellercloud, Brightpearl does not offer the ability to scan barcodes or QR codes when receiving purchase orders, during inventory management, or fulfillment.

Multi-warehouse support

With Sellercloud, sellers can track their inventory at all times across multiple warehouses. Brightpearl is designed to work with a single warehouse location and struggles to handle inventory across multiple warehouse locations.

Warehouse management system

Sellercloud lets sellers track and manage inventory movements inventory across multiple locations. Brightpearl offers integration with a third-party warehouse management system (WMS), but the integration is unstable and requires an additional fee.

Listing capabilities

Sellercloud’s centralized master catalog lets you manage your listings across all of your channels. With Brightpearl, you would need separate software to list products on third-party marketplaces, which would require additional costs.


With Brightpearl, pricing can vary significantly depending on the scale of your business, while Sellercloud offers stable pricing that’s accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We used Brightpearl for 2 years before we heard about Sellercloud. Implementation took 1 of those years. Brightpearl’s limited functionality made it challenging to scale our business and improve our workflows. Sellercloud’s demo was a game changer for us, and we didn’t hesitate to make the move. After a smooth implementation, we’ve now been live for over a year. Our business has increased sales by over 30% since we made the move, and Sellercloud has made it possible to cut costs, increase efficiency, and expand our business in more ways we ever thought to be possible.
Marc Brown
CEO and Co-founder, Brander Retail


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