2024 Q1 Pricing update

Sellercloud remains committed to providing the highest quality of products and services that you have come to expect from us. With this in mind we will be introducing an updated pricing plan, which reflects the needs of our clients and will allow us to keep improving our software and developing new features.

While our price changes are in line with industry standards, we’ve done our best to keep any increases to a minimum, with an eye on maintaining our transparent and competitive pricing.

*Sellercloud will honor all pricing agreements dated in 2023. Any price changes will by applied upon the anniversary of the previously discussed pricing.

Depending on your account, some of the following price increases may be reflected on your upcoming bills:

Sellercloud Pricing

On March 1st, the previous month’s transactions will be billed with an increase on the per transaction fee. The monthly minimum fee will be increased as well.

Please email payment@sellercloud.com to schedule a meeting about your account.


Customizations will continue to be billed by the hour, based on the scope of the project. The price will remain unchanged:

$250Standard (e.g. Basic changes to existing projects, simple imports and exports)

$350Advanced (e.g. New EDI integrations)

$500Enterprise (e.g. Custom reports, core features)

Ongoing maintenance of custom development is offered for a 3% monthly fee. There is an option to opt-out of the maintenance fee.


The base fee for Skustack will increase to $350/month and will include the 1st 3 users.

A per-user charge of $10/month will remain in place.

VAN mailboxes

Effective March 1st, The monthly charge for all VAN mailboxes will be $115 per mailbox.

Please note: There are no volume-based VAN surcharges related to the number of EDI transactions or kilo-characters up to 40,000 KCs per mailbox.


Effective March 1st, the monthly charge for use of FTP folders will increase from $33 to $35

Dedicated instance

Effective March 1st, your current server pricing will increase by 7%

As of March 1, 2024:

Project-based Support

billed at $225 per hour, limited to work done on the project.

Premium Support

Monthly subscription limited to 3 hours for $500. Additional hours will be billed at $275/hour.

Gold Support

Monthly subscription with a dedicated Tier-2 representative. Includes 12 hours of personalized support at $2500 per month.

Platinum Support

Monthly subscription with a dedicated Tier-3 representative. Includes 24 hours per month of dedicated support at $5000 per month. Includes access to Solution Architects to ensure that you are making the most out of your Sellercloud subscriptions. Platinum customers can expect an onsite visit in the US.

Rest assured that these increases are being implemented to ensure that we can continue to provide your business with a reliable and cost effective solution to your ecommerce needs. We look forward to your continued success with Sellercloud and wish you all of the best going into 2024!

Please note: Our standard payment method is ACH. A convenience fee of 3% will be charged to all payments made via credit card. To update your payment information, please visit https://payment.sellercloud.com

Should you have any questions or concerns related to these pricing changes, please reach out to payment@sellercloud.com