Sellercloud and Amazon MCF – simplified multichannel fulfillment

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One shipment, one address.

With Sellercloud’s FBA Consolidated Shipments, you can now consolidate multiple shipments and send all of your products to a single fulfilment center.
With consolidated shipments, you have complete control over your shipping process. Save on shipping costs, reduce shipping time, and lower the cost of packing materials.

Take advantage of Amazon’s vast fulfillment network with the help of Sellercloud

Harness the power of Amazon’s operational expertise and have them fulfill your orders from any e-commerce channel that you sell on. Enjoy fast delivery speeds and improved customer experience. Use Sellercloud’s seamless integration to manage all of your Amazon MCF orders and let Amazon handle all of your fulfillment needs.
Create and cancel MCF orders

Easily create MCF orders within Sellercloud with our Ship via FBA feature.

Automated MCF Fulfillment

Have orders automatically fulfilled by MCF based on predefined business rules.

Choose Blank Box Fulfillment

In case you are fulfilling orders from other channels Sellercloud lets you request that Amazon ship your orders in a blank, non-Amazon branded box.

Choose your carrier preference

Prevent your MCF orders from using the shipping carrier Amazon Logistics when fulfilling orders from other marketplaces.

What is Multi-Channel Fulfillment?

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) is an Amazon fulfillment service that lets sellers fulfill orders placed on various channels outside of Amazon.
With MCF you can store your inventory in Amazon’s warehouses and let Amazon process and ship all of your orders. No matter which e-commerce channel your customers choose to order from, all of your fulfillment will be handled by Amazon.

How it works

Step 1

Send your inventory to one or more of Amazon’s fulfillment centers

Step 2

Sell on your own website or other marketplaces of your choice

Step 3

Choose your shipping speed and have Amazon ship your orders directly to your customers

Key benefits

Take advantage of Sellercloud

Connect MCF to Sellercloud and manage all your e-commerce operations from a single location.

Expand to more channels

Connect your MCF inventory to all the e-commerce channels that you use and increase your overall fulfillment efficiency.

Simplify your operation

Leverage the fulfillment power of Amazon and be closer to your customers. Place your inventory all around Amazon’s US warehouses and fulfill orders from any e-commerce channel you want.

Scale your business

Let Amazon take care of all your fulfillment needs and focus on other aspects of your business that can help you grow at a faster pace.

Ship faster

Improve customer satisfaction with faster deliveries. Choose between standard (3-5 business days), 2-day, 1-day delivery.

Straightforward pricing

It’s easy to calculate your fulfillment and storage fees by going over Amazon’s rate card.

Expand your business with Amazon MCF

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