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Sellercloud has everything you need to
manage your entire 3PL operation from
one customizable platform.
Multi-client support

Track inventory across multiple companies and clients.

Accurate tracking and reporting

Monitor employee performance and inventory movement with Skustack Lens.

Error-free order sorting

Enhance your team’s productivity and minimize fulfillment errors with Skublox.

Fast and efficient shipping

Stay organized and ship faster with Shipbridge – our free shipping software.

Prep orders for FBA

Generate and print labels for your Amazon FBA orders.

Mobile picking

Seamlessly pick items around the warehouse using the Skustack app.

Warehouse visualization

Get real-time visibility into your operations and optimize your layout for maximum efficiency.

Warehouse regions

Further subdivide the typical client-based warehouse divisions into regions.

Reporting per company and client

Generate custom reports per company and client.

Customizable billing and invoicing

Create custom charges for each one of your clients.

User permissions

Grant different levels of access to your employees.

Keep track of clients’ inventory

Our powerful inventory management tools let you track inventory across multiple companies and clients and set up dedicated warehouses for each client. You can even create warehouse regions, assign users based on warehouses and/or companies, and link all your different accounts per company.

Monitor everything that happens in the warehouse

With Skustack Lens, you can track employee performance and inventory movement. Monitor active employees and track where your inventory is at any given time. Our real-time dashboard provides up-to-date information on all aspects of your business.

Eliminate costly sorting errors

Enhance your team’s productivity and minimize costly order fulfillment errors with Skublox’s error-free sorting technology. Ensure that your orders are always accurate and your clients are happy with your service.

Ship faster with less hassle

Stay organized and ship faster with our free shipping software, Shipbridge. Add up to 20 different client accounts and control everything from a single interface.

Faster FBA prep

Easily prepare labels for items that you want to send to FBA using the FBA prep action. Simply scan the item’s UPC and then print the barcode that goes on top of the original barcode, making FBA prep painless and hassle-free.

Seamless reporting per client

You can generate custom reports per company, export your reports and even schedule automatic tasks to email reports to your clients with everything that was shipped for a given period.

Manage warehouse space better

Estimate the value of your warehouse space, determine the merchandise value for each client, and understand the overall worth of the inventory
you keep.

Use custom billing

If provided with your requirements, an option to bill your clients based on custom charges can be built. You’ll be able to create custom invoices based on warehouse movements and send them to your clients.

Give the right access to employees

Grant different levels of access to your employees, ensuring streamlined operations and secure and controlled account management at all times.

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