Sellercloud vs. Rithum
Feature Comparison

There are many reasons why Rithum customers have started to migrate to Sellercloud.
“We first started with Rithum, but as we started to grow, a lot of those functionalities of Rithum were just limited.”
- Chris KoCEO and Co-founder, Revive IT
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Transparent pricing
No need to contact a rep. Check our pricing calculator.

No annual subscription requirements
Our customers are happy to be a part of the Sellercloud community. No need to lock anyone in.

No commission charges
Pay order fees per FBM and FBA.

No launch fees
Start your account at $1100 with a monthly subscription, no contracts.

Get up and running with the help of our experts, all included in the price.

No additional charges
No hidden fees. What you see is what you get.


No transparency
Sellers need to contact a rep to request pricing information.

Higher price and annual contract requirement
Starts at $12,000 per year ($1000 minimum/month), annual billing.

Commission charges
Sellers share 1.3%-1.7% of their gross income with Rithum (2.3%-2.7% if you go above your predetermined projection).

Launch fee
Rithum requires a $3000 startup fee.

Launch Advantage (onboarding)
Sellers need to pay up to $2000/month for premium support.

Additional charges
Rithum charges a $1000 fee for more complex integrations

Points to consider

Inventory recalculations

Sellercloud offers a robust inventory management system that provides updates on inventory levels, automatically recalculates available inventory and sends it across multiple channels and warehouses. In contrast, Rithum only forwards inventory feeds from outside sources.

Multi-warehouse support

Sellercloud allows sellers to track their inventory across multiple warehouses, set reorder points, and automatically replenish stock. Rithum does not support managing inventory across multiple warehouses or locations.


Sellercloud is highly customizable, allowing sellers to tailor the platform to their unique needs and requirements. This flexibility means that sellers can create a personalized workflow that fits their business rather than having to adapt their operations to fit the limitations of the platform. Rithum has very limited functionality in terms of custom modifications to the system, limiting sellers by removing the ability to optimize their workflow.

Shipping software included

Sellercloud includes a shipping app that comes with your Sellercloud account free of charge. Rithum does not include any built-in shipping software, such as the ability to generate shipping labels or track shipments. Users must use third-party shipping software to manage their shipping needs.

Exceptional customer support

Sellercloud is recognized for its exceptional customer support. The platform offers a dedicated support representative to help sellers with any issues or questions they may have. Rithum is known to have poor customer support and slow response times. Users may have difficulty getting the help they need when issues arise.


Rithum requires users to pay for implementation services, such as training or setup assistance, in addition to the cost of the platform itself. In contrast, Sellercloud offers all of these services for free to all of its clients.

Warehouse management system 

Rithum does not provide any warehouse management system (WMS) functionality, such as the ability to manage inventory movements, optimize warehouse layout, or track and manage inventory across multiple locations, while Sellercloud has all these functionalities.

Annual billing

Unlike Sellercloud, Rithum requires users to pay for their subscription on an annual basis rather than on a monthly or per-use basis. This can be a disadvantage for businesses that prefer more flexible payment options.


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