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Send your products to Walmart and take advantage of Walmart’s extensive fulfillment network to reach more customers and grow your sales with the help of Sellercloud.

Join the WFS program now to receive up to 25% off referral fees for up to 90 days and a $500 Sponsored Products ad credit. You need to meet the qualification criteria and go live after January 26, 2023.

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Reduced shipping rates and no hidden fees.

Fast shipping

Two day delivery for items fulfilled by WFS.

Premium customer experience

Customer service fully managed by Walmart.

Increased visibility

Get Buy Box prominence and better search rankings.

Manage your WFS inventory with Sellercloud

Sellercloud's integration with WFS lets you seamlessly monitor your WFS workflow.

Send products to WFS

Set a procust to be fulfilled by WFS directly in Sellercloud.

Ship WFS shipments

Create, prepare and ship WFS shipments.

Track WFS inventory

Seamlessly track your inventory levels in Walmart fulfillment centers.

Reserve inventory for WFS

Reserve inventory of items for WFS shipments so that items won't oversell.


What is New-Seller Savings?

New-Seller Savings is a limited-time Walmart Marketplace promotion exclusive to eligible domestic sellers. When you start selling on Walmart.com after January 26, enjoy up to 25% off referral fee rates for up to 90 days after you launch. New sellers must complete the New-Seller Survey for the initial 10% rate reduction and go live on Walmart.com. Plus, Walmart is giving an additional 5% referral fee reduction on eligible products enrolled in each of the following programs:

And three weeks after onboarding to Marketplace as a Walmart seller, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to unlock a $500 Sponsored Products ad credit from Walmart Connect.

Why is Walmart Marketplace offering this now?

Walmart.com is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the United States. And sellers have had remarkable success with the support of its ecosystem of innovative solutions. This promotion invites new sellers to begin the new year by unlocking opportunities to grow with Walmart.

What can I do to get the full 25% discount?

To get the full 25% off referral fee rates, start by responding to the New-Sellers Survey to get the initial 10% discount. Learn about Walmart Fulfillment Services, Sponsored Search advertising from Walmart Connect, and the Repricer while you’re onboarding and enroll in those programs as soon as you go live on Walmart Marketplace. List items from your catalog or your entire catalog with WFS, Sponsored Search advertising from Walmart Connect, and the Repricer to earn additional discounts. If it’s not possible to list your entire catalog, prioritize the most popular items in your catalog to maximize this opportunity. Please note that enrolling your products in WFS is not enough to receive the discount. You will need to send products to WFS and have them fulfilled by WFS. If you set up a product in WFS, but continue fulfilling it with your own logistics network, you will not get the additional 5% discount. Similarly, if you enroll in Sponsored Search, but don’t spend anything to promote your products (minimum spend is $1), you will not be eligible for an additional 5% referral fee discount.

How do I get the $500 Sponsored Products ads credit?

Three weeks after onboarding to Marketplace as a Walmart Seller, a notice will be sent via email with details regarding a $500 Sponsored Products ad credit offer from Walmart Connect (“Offer Email”). To accept the offer, a Seller must 1) opt-in using the link provided, 2) accept the Ad Credit Terms and Conditions, and 3) run an ad campaign(s) for Sponsored Search advertising. Ad credits will be automatically applied in the Seller’s next full bi-weekly invoice. The ad credits are valid for ninety (90) days after the Offer Email was sent by Walmart Connect, and any unused amounts will be forfeited after this period. Ad credits have no cash value and cannot be transferred. All applicable federal, state, and local laws apply.

What is the go-live date for participating sellers?

All qualified sellers must go live after January 26 to receive up to 25% discount on referral fee rates for up to 90 days. To receive the initial 10% discount, participating sellers must complete onboarding steps, fill out the New-Seller Survey, and start selling on Walmart.com. Additional rate reductions will apply to eligible products enrolled in Walmart’s programs such as Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), Sponsored Search advertising from Walmart Connect, and the Walmart Marketplace Repricer tool. The 90-day rate reduction period starts with the first payment cycle after a business starts selling on Walmart.com. We encourage sellers to list their entire catalogs to maximize the opportunity.

What are the benefits of shipping orders with Walmart?

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) offers end-to-end fulfillment services for third-party eCommerce sellers. When you choose to work with WFS, Walmart will deliver your orders with 2-day shipping in the contiguous US, providing great customer service and returns options. Sellers have seen a 50% GMV growth on average, for key items fulfilled by Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). Enrolling in WFS will offer you the scale, quality, cost, and efficiency you need to help kickstart a successful business on Walmart.com. The additional 5% New-Seller Savings referral fee rate discount will be applied to products fulfilled by Walmart during your first 90 days as a Walmart Marketplace seller.

How much does fulfillment cost with Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Fulfillment Services offers an end-to-end ecommerce fulfillment experience. You can ship and store any amount of inventory you choose, without minimums or maximums. Use the WFS Calculator to estimate your fulfillment and storage fees. To see a complete list of WFS fees and services, visit this Seller Help page. WFS fees are subject to change.

What are the benefits of advertising with Walmart?

Sponsored Search pay-per-click advertising gets your brand and products in front of millions of customers actively searching and browsing Walmart’s site and app for products like yours. Turn our searchers into your customers and only pay when customers click your ad. The additional 5% New-Seller Savings referral fee rate discount will be applied to products advertised with Sponsored Search during your first 90 days as a Walmart Marketplace seller.

What are the benefits of using the Walmart Marketplace Repricer tool?

The Walmart Marketplace Repricer tool helps you stay ahead of the competition by automating price management for your catalog. The Repricer offers three strategy rules—choose the best one to fit your business needs: External Price, Buy Box Strategy, and Competitive Price. You can create a pricing strategy in four easy steps. And the best part is—it’s free! The additional 5% New-Seller Savings referral fee rate discount will be applied to products managed by the Repricer tool during your first 90 days as a Walmart Marketplace seller.

What are the minimum qualifications to sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Please have the following information if you’d like to sell on Walmart Marketplace:

  • Business Tax ID(s) (SSN not accepted) or Business License Number
  • Supporting documents that verify your Business Name and Address
  • History of marketplace or eCommerce success
  • Products that have GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Numbers
  • Catalog that complies with Walmart Prohibited Products Policy
  • Fulfillment through Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) or another B2C US warehouse with returns capability
For a summary of steps and requirements you should know before you join, visit the Getting Started with Walmart Marketplace page.

What does it cost to sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace prides itself on transparent pricing and competitive referral fee rates. There is no setup, monthly, or hidden fees for any sellers. Instead, you pay for what you sell. We deduct a reasonable referral fee rate from each completed purchase. Our referral fee rates vary by category and total sales price but range from 6% to 15%. To determine your commission rate, use this guide. Please note that at Walmart Marketplace, we reference commission rates as “referral fees” in our Seller Help articles.

What are the steps to start selling on Walmart Marketplace?

It only takes about one minute to create a Walmart Marketplace account. From there, you’ll complete a three-step setup to begin onboarding. First, verify your business by submitting your details and completing your Seller Profile. Ensure your tax information matches IRS records so we can verify your business quickly and you can sell faster. Next, tell us where to send your payments. Finally, configure your shipping methods and costs. Select your preferred returns method and carriers for your budget. After onboarding, you’ll set up your catalog and explore additional ways to grow your business with Walmart’s suite of capabilities.

What if I go live before January 26, 2023?

To participate and qualify for the Walmart Marketplace New-Seller Savings 2023 promotion, new sellers must go live after January 26, 2023.

What if the onboarding process takes too long?

When you create a Walmart Marketplace account, provide detailed and accurate information and respond to additional inquiries from Walmart to help ensure we verify your business quickly.

When do my 90 days of discounted referral fee rates start?

Marketplace referral fee rate discounts are actioned on a weekly cadence each Friday. This means your 90 days of up to 25% off referral fee rates begin within the week of your live on-site launch date. For example, if you go live on a Tuesday, your up-to-25% referral fee rate discount will begin the following Friday. The 10% discount will be applied to all items in your catalog available for sale during these 90 days. Additional discounts will apply to eligible items enrolled in Walmart Fulfillment Services, Sponsored Search, or the Repricer tool.