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Optimize your multichannel business with Amazon MCF and Sellercloud

Fulfill orders from any channel using Amazon MCF and Sellercloud.

Effortlessly sell on Groupon with Amazon MCF and Sellercloud

Optimize your multichannel business with Sellercloud and Amazon's fulfillment network. Use one pooled inventory across your Amazon, Groupon and other sales channels.

Use Sellercloud to automate your orders and inventory, and delight your customers with fast and reliable shipping.

Simplify your entire operation

Sell on Groupon without changing your existing Amazon workflow. Join Sellercloud and manage everything from a single platform.

Use Amazon's multichannel fulfillment

Leave your inventory in Amazon’s warehouses and let them take care of your Groupon logistics from beginning to end.

Reach more customers and sell more

Expand to Groupon and grow your business to more channels than ever with Sellercloud’s seamless integrations.

How it works

Step 1

Use Sellercloud to sell on Groupon without changing any of your workflows.

Step 2

Sellercloud constantly updates your inventory across all channels.

Step 3

Sellercloud's API automatically creates an Amazon MCF order using generic carrier and blank-box packaging.

Why Amazon MCF?

On-time delivery

Deliver products as quickly as 1, 2, or 3-5 business days after their ship date, 7 days a week.

Low fulfillment costs

Get up to 60% discount on multi-unit orders. Go over the rate card here.

Inventory sync

One pooled inventory saves you time and money and reduces the risk of stockouts.

Tap into new audience segments and increase revenue

Grow your online presence, and increase your earnings with Sellercloud’s long list of integrations.

Manage everything in one place

Explore all of our exciting features and find out what Sellercloud can do for you.