Boost product visibility with eBay Promoted Listings and Sellercloud

eBay Promoted Listings are a new and powerful way to generate more sales. Sellercloud is proud to be among the first to integrate support for creating and managing your eBay Promoted Listings. Contact us today to learn more about how Sellercloud can help you maximize the value of eBay's Promoted Listings!

What are eBay Promoted Listings?

Promoted Listings are regular listings that appear throughout the eBay network:

  • At the top of eBay search results, marked as ‘Sponsored’
  • Highlighted at the bottom of product pages as ‘Product suggestions’ and ‘Sponsored items other customers also bought’

Manage your Promoted Listings with Sellercloud

  • Create Promoted Listings directly in Sellercloud
  • Upload Promoted Listings in bulk
  • Simplify your operational workflow
  • Maintain the quality of your listings with Sellercloud

Key benefits of eBay promoted listings

Make your items stand out

Reach millions of active buyers and increase the visibility of your items among the billions of listings on eBay

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Easy setup

Launch your campaign and let eBay recommend the most beneficial items to promote

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Pay only when your item sells

You get charged only when a customer buys the promoted item within 30 days of clicking your promoted listing

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Monitor ad performance

Receive detailed performance metrics and sales reports to help you optimize your promoted listings campaign

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Increase your sales with eBay Product Listings

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Get the most out of your Promoted Listings

Categorize your products properly

Put your products in the right category so they can perform better.

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Promote the right products

Promote the products with the most potential. Consider eBay’s option for “Recommended Listings”.

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Consider your ad rates

Optimize your advertising spend across all of your campaigns.

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Monitor your ad performance

Monitor and adjust your campaign at all times.

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