Sellercloud Delta Series:
Warehouse workflows

Get the most out of your warehouse workflow. You'll be surprised what Sellercloud can do for you in each and every step of your warehouse workflow.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 / 3:00 PM EST

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In this webinar, we’ll cover all the key elements of warehouse management! Join us to learn more about:

How to add a new product

  • Creation via channel
  • Adding products individually
  • Import products with a file

How to set up a warehouse

  • Building a new warehouse
  • Setting up warehouse regions
  • Building and managing Bin locations

Creating intelligent picking plans

  • How to use default and custom filters
  • Creating saved views
  • Setting scheduled tasks

Picking your orders with Sellercloud

  • Managing your active picklists
  • How to distribute your picklists
  • Location notes and warehouse images

Picking your orders with Skustack

  • Product based picking
  • Order based picking
  • Kit based picking

Sorting and shipping with Shipbridge

  • Connect your shipping carriers
  • Scan & Ship: Scan SKUs to find orders
  • Calculate the cheapest rates to ship

Sorting and shipping with Skublox

  • Set up your modular sorting wall/cart
  • How to use put-to-light
  • How to use pick-to-light

Live 4D Scale demo

  • Save product weights and dimensions to Sellercloud
  • Pull shipping weights and dimensions into Shipbridge

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Effectively manage your warehouse operations with Skustack

Receiving POs

Pick orders

Prep shipments

Process returns

Automate your shipping workflow

Consolidate all your multichannel orders in Shipbridge for hassle-free fulfillment
  • Configure shipping rules based on various criteria
  • Scan each product before shipping to reduce errors
  • Calculate the cheapest rates to ship orders
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Sort multi-item orders faster, with zero mistakes

Consolidate all your multichannel orders in Shipbridge for hassle-free fulfillment.
  • Boost efficiency and eliminate errors
  • Gain traceability with powerful visualization
  • Build your custom wall
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