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Address America have been in business since 1992. The family-owned busines provides custom decorative address signs for your home or business.


“Before Sellercloud, we had to handwrite each ticket. This was taking an immense amount of time out of each day and was opening us up to a world of potential mistakes.”

Joshua Ashley

Vice President


“Sellercloud has built a system that adapts to our business model, allows us to streamline our workflow and give our customers exactly what they needed with zero mistakes and perfect accuracy.”

Joshua Ashley

Vice President

Testimonial Transcript

David Ashley: I'm David Ashley, I'm president of Address America. We're located in Jackson, Mississippi.

Joshua Ashley: My name is Josh Ashley, and I'm the Vice President of Address America.

David Ashley: Back in high school and college days, I used to sell firewood and we'd have trouble finding the houses, particularly at night. It kind of planted a seed in my mind that why don't people have their house address where it can be found quicker. When we started Address America I first did here the Jackson Mississippi area and then after we covered this area and felt like we, we needed to expand our territory, we started traveling around to different towns in Mississippi. And then even in Alabama, Louisiana, Minnesota, Florida. My dream was one day to somehow figure out how we can market these things nationally.

Joshua Ashley: About three years ago, we decided that we would go direct to consumer and found that the best way to do that would be through online marketplaces, through our website, that led us to discover many of the challenges that we would face when we have a heavy online business.

David Ashley: We started using Sellercloud, just about a year ago and since that time, we've been really growing, our business has expanded over 100%.

Joshua Ashley: Before Sellercloud, we had to handwrite each ticket. This was taking an immense amount of time out of each day and it was opening us up to a world of potential mistakes. For us Sellercloud was a godsend. It was an absolute perfect solution.

David Ashley: When we first contacted Sellercloud, and we told them what we were looking for what would really help us they were very accommodating.

Joshua Ashley: Sellercloud has built a system that adapts to our business model, allows us to streamline our workflow, and give our customers exactly what they need at the end of the day with zero mistakes and perfect accuracy.

David Ashley: Something that we couldn't find any other company could do for us. And that was set up a customization program that would actually bring customer information over into our system so that we wouldn't have to manually go and write down this customization every time we got an order that came through the system.

Joshua Ashley: Now like we do with Amazon custom, Etsy orders come over with font specifics and custom information that any customer leaves in a memo box at the time they place their order. This was again something that we couldn't find with another solution. And we couldn't find another solution that was with the willingness to adapt and the willingness to bring what we need in.

David Ashley: Sellercloud has been such a big part of our business in this growth last year.

Joshua Ashley: Since we've started with Sellercloud, we've been able to expand out into Walmart, we've been able to bring Jet online. There's more marketplaces on the horizon that we never even considered selling on that because we have that integration potential with Sellercloud we can bring those marketplaces to to bear.

David Ashley: We couldn't imagine being where we're at without Sellercloud and our plans are Sellercloud's gonna be with us from now on.

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