Sellercloud Releases an Affordable 4D Scale Micro That Transforms Any USB Scale Into a Smart Scale

December 19, 2022

Sellercloud, a multi-channel e-commerce management platform with billions of dollars in ‘Gross Merchandise Volume’ (GMV), announced the release of its 4D Scale Micro, a universal adapter for USB scales that adds Wi-Fi functionality and streamlines data entry.

The 4D Scale micro connects the scale to all existing applications and programs, sending the weight readings straight from the scale to the required field.

The ability to weigh and measure items accurately is critical to cost-effective packaging, shipping, and warehousing. In e-commerce, the smallest weight miscalculation can lead to mislabeled products, unnecessary shipping expenses, or unexpected 3PL fees. Sellercloud’s 4D Scale line of products eliminates these concerns by providing affordable, reliable, and accurate tools for measuring packages as well as web-enabled integrations for seamless and mistake-free data entry. Businesses of all types—including warehouses, shipping stores, and fulfillment providers finally have a scale that can communicate with package dimensions over the internet!

The new 4D Scale Micro works with third-party scales allowing them to be controlled wirelessly. Just like with the original 4D Scale, the recorded weights can then be added automatically into the Sellercloud family of tools and applications; this includes the flagship Sellercloud e-commerce growth platform, the Skustack warehouse management system (WMS), and the Shipbridge multichannel shipping application.

With both the 4D Scale and 4D Scale Micro, measurements can also be captured and added into the relevant fields of any website via a Chrome extension. This allows the scale weights from the 4D Scale or 4D Scale Micro to be copied to any website. Similarly, the laser-accurate dimensional measurements from the 4D Scale can be transferred as well. The versatility and convenience of the 4D Scale app means this can happen anywhere—whether from a desk, a warehouse station, or a mobile device.

The new 4D Scale Micro sports a 3.5″ touch display, turning users’ existing scales into self-contained smart scales. Users can collect accurate weight measurements and unit conversions from their existing USB scales without the need for additional peripherals. By simply adding a 4D Scale Micro to a USB scale, users have the flexibility and convenience to obtain and record accurate item weights anywhere-the office, the loading dock, the truck, or the warehouse.

Furthermore, the micro’s starting price means that all of the benefits of the 4D Scale micro can fit into the budgets of businesses of all types and sizes.

“So often, the state-of-the-art, most helpful technology is too cost prohibitive for small businesses to benefit. Our goal is to make it possible for small business owners to access the latest technology while also making it better and more affordable. That is what we have done in the past with products like Skublox, and now again with the 4D Scale Micro,” says Jeremy Greenberg, Founder & CEO of Sellercloud.

This new addition of the 4D Scale Micro to the 4D Scale line of products means there is now an integrated measurement solution for every use case:

  • 4D Scale is the flagship model, capable of measuring the dimensions of products with laser-sharp precision and weighing items up to 300 lbs. The included touchscreen makes initiating, reading, and transmitting dimensional weight measurements instantaneous. This provides countless benefits to businesses where accurate dimensional weights are critical. Businesses of all types—including warehouses, shipping stores, and fulfillment providers—can ensure they have the measurements they need to catalog, label, and bill based upon the exact size and weight of the items they process.

The flagship 4D Scale can not only weigh the package, but can instantly take measurements of its dimensions. The 4D Scale can send that data to existing applications, and make the printing of a shipping label only one click away.

  • The 4D Scale Micro universal adapter gives existing USB scales the same ability to weigh products, convert weight measurements, and wirelessly share data as the other 4D Scale products without the need to replace existing scales. It turns any USB scale into an app-controlled smart scale capable of weighing products anywhere and integrating their weight data everywhere—including into web-based fields or a fully-featured ecommerce platform like Sellercloud and its family of applications and tools.

The 4D Scale Micro also adds touchscreen control functionality to existing USB scales. This eliminates the needs for additional devices and transforms an off-the-shelf USB scale into a truly self-contained, fully portable smart scale.

More information about the entire line of 4D Scale products, including a video demonstration, is available at

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