Exactship by Sellercloud

Shipping orders has never been easier. Print shipping labels as you move around the warehouse using the Exactship mobile app.

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Key Features

Certified partnerships with all major carriers

Calculate the shipping rates for each order within the app and choose your carrier preferred carrier. Gain access to orders originating from over 100 sources through Sellercloud.

Gain mobility around your warehouse

Connect Exactship to your print server and send remote printing requests to any one of your printers from anywhere in your warehouse.

Improve efficiency

Simplify your fulfillment workflow - set package dimensions, calculate rates, print labels and invoices all from within Exactship.

Handle shipping errors

Unship orders directly from your mobile device and void the shipping label so you don’t get charged for that label. Check your shipping history and reprint labels when you need to.

Pick&Ship with Skustack

Exactship’s integration with Skustack helps you minimize the possibility of any fulfillment errors. Easily pick, scan, and ship all your orders without ever leaving the Skustack app. Pick multiple items related to multiple orders and print all the shipping labels in bulk.

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Sort&Ship with Skublox

Seamlessly sort your orders with Skublox, Sellercloud’s Put-to-Light solution, and use Exactship to choose a shipping carrier and generate the necessary shipping labels.

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Your Exactship Workflow

Exactship is Sellercloud’s cloud-based mobile shipping app that helps you generate and print shipping label.

  1. Scan order ID
  2. Confirm order address
  3. Verify the items in the order
  4. Set package dimensions
  5. Calculate shipping rates and choose your carrier
  6. Print the label and invoice and ship right away.

Exactship’s integrations with Skustack and Skublox optimize your fulfillment workflow even more and set your team up for maximum efficiency.