Product Updates September & October 2022

Core Sellercloud

  • You can now link a WFS Shipment to a PO for direct vendor fulfillment.
  • Word2PDF type Product labels can now be printed from any place in Sellercloud which product labels could previously be printed.
  • The action to add an attachment to a Warehouse Inventory Transfer has been added under the Action “Manage Documents”. You can also choose to attach the document for a specific SKU with the option “Select SKU to associate”.
  • When importing an order via Import Mapping Tool, the currency that is set on the Company Settings will be reflected on those orders.
  • The placeholder #?FNSKU?# has been added for Word2PDF Order Invoices.
  • Orders will be marked as undeliverable when USPS returns the status of “No such number”.
  • The option “INTERACTIVE” has been added as a Box Content Source on the Edit shipment page of an FBA Inbound Shipment to allow box content management from Sellercentral.
  • The Shipped On date has now been added as Column F in the excel export of Warehouse Inventory Transfer.
  • The field “Product_Purchaser” has been added to the Product Import Mapping Tool. You can use either a User ID or a Username to populate it.
  • The placeholder #?FNSKU?# has been added for Word2PDF Templates.
  • The Client Setting “Run Post order plugin on duplicate Orders” has been added.

Alpha Interface

  • You can now filter by status on the Execution History page of a Scheduled Task.
  • The inventory per matrix will now be displayed on the matrix grid on the Website properties page of the product.
  • There is now a link to direct you to the PO FBA Planning page on the PO it is linked to.
  • Several fields on the Edit Order page were moved to specific pages accessible under the Action menu to ensure it is done intentionally:
    “Change Order Company” to change the company of the order.
    “Edit Channel Information” to adjust the Channel and Channel Order # (for automatically imported orders).
    “Set Order To/NOT Tax Exempt” to control the tax exempt status on the order level (this cannot be managed per item).
  • The action “Split Picklist” has been renamed to “Divide Into New Picklists” to avoid confusion of its purpose. The action “Move Selected Items to new Picklist” exists to split certain SKUs into a new picklist.
  • The Keyword field on the Customers tab now offers a Wildcard checkbox. When enabled this will search if the phrase is used on the Customer in any place, if this is not enabled we will only show results if the keyword is the first word.
  • You can now filter by company when using the Inventory Snapshot feature in Scheduled Tasks.
  • There is now a filter for ContainerID when searching for which Receiving Sessions you want to add to a Vendor Invoice.
  • You can now filter by Channel Listing ID in Manage Inventory. This applies currently for Walmart, eBay and NewEgg.
  • When the client setting “Enable Lot Expiry Workflow in Skustack” is enabled you will see a separate date range filter for Expiration Date on the Product Warehouse Bin Movement page. Additionally the keyword filter will now also search the Lot number.
  • The client setting Enable Order Level Discount is now available.
  • Google Shopping has been added to the Channel Credential Alert page under the Settings tab.
  • The setting “Enable WFS Order Download” has been renamed to “Enable WFS workflow” on the Walmart Marketplace General Settings page.
  • On the Target General Settings page, an option was added under “Enable Order Download (850)” which will cause all orders for Target to be created under the same username.
  • Two settings have been added to the Hayneedle General Settings page under the existing setting “Enable Order Download (850)”. The first is “Import orders as UnPaid” and the second is “’Create Orders Under One User”.
  • The option “Create Orders Under One User” has been added on the Unbeatable Sales General Settings page under the existing setting “Enable Order Download”.

Delta Interface

  • The action “Transfer to PO” found in the PO Details page has been modified and updated for ease of use.
  • The filters “Include Related Kits” and “Include Related Shadows” have been added to Manage Catalog and Manage Inventory.
  • You can now filter by Container ID when adding receive sessions to a Vendor Invoice.
  • The Amazon FBA Restock Inventory report has been added to Delta.
  • We have added the ability to track 4DScale-verified-weights in Delta.
  • WFS Removals can now be imported.
  • The ability to Disconnect from inventory is now available for Reverb and Etsy.
  • Wish Shipping templates can now be found under Company Settings.
  • Product Custom Columns can now be sorted in order of preference in the Delta Interface.
  • PO to FBA Planning is now supported in Delta.
  • Products can now be uploaded to a PO using the Vendor SKU.
  • Manufacturer SKU has been added to the Customize Columns in Manage Catalog.
  • A link can be found on the eBay Properties page of a Variation parent that will direct you to the Variation Details.
  • Products can be added via file upload to a Warehouse Inventory Transfer.
  • Buy Shipping From Amazon can now be accessed via Manage Orders.
  • The Action Documents can now be found in the Toolbox of the Order Details.
  • WFS Partially Received Shipments and WFS No Confirmation Shipments are now supported in Delta.


  • You can increase or decrease the font size on an invoice by going to Menu > Options > Invoice > and use the option “Increase items text size by ___% (ZPL II only)”. This only works with ZPL so you must also enable Options > Invoice > Use ZPL II code.
  • You can now choose Location Notes Qty as a Reference field for Amazon Shipping under Menu > Options > Carriers > Amazon.
  • Package types can be set for multi-pack orders under the Edit Packages menu.
  • There is now a Label Format dropdown under Menu > Options > Carriers > Amazon.
  • Under Menu > Options > Customs there is now a setting called Default Province of Origin which is only visible when Default country of origin is Canada. This will be used for filling the customs information for Canada Post.
  • With Amazon’s change from MWS to Amazon Selling Partner API, the following changes should be made in Shipbridge. Menu > Options > Carriers > Amazon. Select the “Use New Amazon SP API” checkbox, click the “Acquire Token from SC” button, and test credentials.
  • A Payment Method setting has been added under Menu > Options > Carriers > Canada Post.


  • We now allow users to “Delete Receivings” (i.e. Unship) a Credit Memo for a Bin-Enabled Warehouse.
  • Added the option to swipe and assemble kits from FBA/WFS work orders.
  • You can now create a new shipping container from Skustack.
  • You can now search for a product by the serial in Sku to Sku transfer.
  • The action of Sku to Sku transfer as well as Bin transfers can now be done from the Serial Info Activity.
  • When receiving an RMA you can now create a product and choose the condition.
  • There is now a setting to forget login credentials when logging out regardless of the remember me check box
  • We now have the option to view prep guidance/instructions from the side swipe menu on the FBAInboundShipmentsPickActivity.
  • You can remove the SKU from the scanned product list in Cycle Count by setting it to 0.
  • Case Qty can be updated through Shustack.
  • We now have the ability to set product isExpirable through Skustack.
  • FBA boxes can now be duplicated in Skustack.
  • A menu option has been added to navigate to a picklist from the order details page.
  • A search bar and filter have been added to Manage Serials.
  • Added the option to use camera barcode scanner for scanning 2D Login Barcode.
  • We have added internal FBA product prep notes under the column name InternalFBAPrepNote. (These are hidden by default based on a backend setting EnableInternalFBAPrepNote, you should contact Sellercloud Support to enable this.)
  • Skustack is now compatible with the Cross Dock Workflow.


  • Skublox Hub: We now allow printing of individual Slot Barcodes.
  • Skublox now shows more detailed errors which can help the user identify the issue as well as assisting Sellercloud Support solve the issue.
  • Skublox Hub: You can now enable it to require a pin to edit a Wall.
  • Skublox Hub: Users can now change the License Plate Label print settings
  • Skublox Hub: Activity and Insight pages will now show either a Warehouse or Wall filter depending on a server feature flag.
  • Skublox Hub: A Slot that is in a ready to ship state now supports printing a License Plate Label.
  • Skublox Hub: The Print activity page of the License Label now has a Print button to download the License Plate Label PDF.