Product Updates October & November 2021

Alpha Updates

  • You can now Import and Export Product Alias through a Scheduled Task.
  • FBA and FBM inconsistencies will now be easier to determine on the Amazon Properties page, a red star will show up on the properties page if the fulfilled by status in Sellercloud does not match what is being received from Amazon’s report.
  • Website attributes can now be imported in bulk via Import product Info.
  • Selecting the file type is no longer required when importing a file.
  • You can now Import/Export the Lot number and Lot Expiry for Warehouse Bins

Delta Updates

  • A user role has been added that limits a users ability to edit/add aliases.
  • You can now filter by ReceivingWarehouse for a PO in REST API.
  • You can now create Item Notes for PO Items when creating a PO via REST API.
  • The ability to delete boxes in bulk on an FBA Shipment is now available.
  • When manually adding new products, a Client Admin can now set fields that will be required to create the item.
  • Houzz Shipping method mapping has now been added to Delta.
  • Purchase orders can now be sorted by the ETA column.
  • Performance optimization of Manage PO and Manage Orders pages searches
    Delta interface now has a Dark Mode see more about how to enable it here.
  • Qty On Order can now be seen on the Inventory Home page to better track incoming inventory per SKU.
  • A new feature has been added that allows you to apply rules to orders. See more here 2.

Skublox Updates

Skublox Hub

  • Additional filters have been added to the Activity page: Slot and Product Barcode are now available to filter by, as a way to filter for errors only.

Skustack Updates

Skustack Lens


  • Theme switcher – the option to use Dark and Light mode is now available in user preferences.
  • Generating login QR codes – works for the currently logged user as well as for a third-party with a valid account.
  • Individual bin movement types – You can now see bin movements by type.
  • A quick SKU filter has been added for Products and Movements in Bin details. (this supports multiple SKU entries).
  • Warehouse page – real-time statistics of bins, products and units availability. Followed by a list of features which also in real-time show bin movements.
  • Tapping on a region reveals bin groups with more information available upon clicking on a bin icon. The bins visually show if they’re primary and their color represents their utilized capacity. The darker the color, the more utilized the capacity. When a movement happens, the relevant Bin gets highlighted with a halo effect.
  • Tapping on a Bin opens its details in a slide out on the right. There you can see all of the relevant information as well as two main tabs – Products and Movements. The latter displays information in real-time as movements happen.
  • Search anything – finds warehouses, bins and products. A cool feature is that a search for products would also return the warehouses it’s found in in addition to unit availability within warehouses and bins.
  • Preferences – control various options within the app.
  • Movements – view movements for each day and filter them by Warehouse, employee, bin name and SKU

Skustack App

  • The option to print product labels from the FBA Inbound Picklist is now available.
  • When in the PO Receive Container, you can now manually search by SKU.
  • The option to search and view all bins in a warehouse has been added, you no longer need the entire name of the bin to pull it up

Memaila Updates

  • Now when you receive an Inquiry from Amazon customer about an order that is not shipped you have the option to set the order as On Hold

ShipBridge Updates

  • Without the need for a plugin you can now integrate your Shipsurance account.
  • New setting: Options > Carriers > UPS > Require delivery confirmation > Non-SurePost only.
  • Estimated Delivery Date displays in the Scan and Ship Order info.
  • Added disable insurance option for DHL andt DHLeC.
  • Added declared value threshold setting for DHLeC.
  • Added UPS Economy DDU DDP Worldship Services.
  • 300dpi ZPL printing available for Express1 labels.