Product Updates October 2020

Delta Updates

You can now filter your orders on the Manage Orders page by Promise Date Range.

For improved troubleshooting, the REST API Logs Toolbox on the Employee Details page lets you view recent calls made to the REST API using the employee’s credentials.

The Custom Columns configuration lets you choose which custom columns will appear in each of the Product Catalog toolboxes.

Two new filters were added to the Employee Permissions’ Customer and Order panels:

  • When Enable Access assigned customers only is selected on the Customer panel header, employees can only execute operations of the customers for which they are the account manager. So, the employee will only see the details page of the specific customers they manage.
  • When Enable Access orders of assigned customers only is selected on the Order panel header, employees can only view or edit the orders of customers for which they are the account manager.

Improvements to the ExactShip Carrier Settings page let users:

  • Activate and deactivate carriers
  • Activate and deactivate carrier services in the Shipping Services toolbox
  • Configure credentials and create credential groups in the Credentials toolbox

Improvements to the FBA Inbound Shipment wizard:

  • On the boxing step (Boxes tab), the items in the Item Quantities panel can be filtered by UPC code
  • Printing product labels’ functionality has been moved to the Item Quantities panel for enhanced usability, where you can also choose how many labels to print
  • You can select an expiration date for your items in the Item Quantities and Boxes panels of the Boxes tab. You also have the option to leave the EXP. DATE field empty.

The following inventory filters were added to the Manage Catalog page:

  • EAN
  • Picklist ID
  • Manufacturer Names

When running REST API GetAllCatalog service, you will now receive BrandID and ManufacturerID as responses.

You can now view the Estimated Delivery Date on the Order Details page’s General panel.

Added the following custom filters to help you search for purchase orders on the Manage Purchase Orders page:

  • Priority
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Exported
  • PO/Order Relationship

You can now access your Manage Import Mapping Tool page under Settings: Click Settings > Mapping Tools > Manage Import Mapping Profiles

You can access the Import Mapping Profile Details page from your Manage Import Mapping Tool page: Go to your Manage Import Mapping Profiles page > Search for your profile > Click your profile

When searching for customers in the Create New Order Wizard, you now have the option to search by a customer’s Business Name.

Business Name added as a custom column on the Manage Order page.

Serial Number filter in REST API Get All Orders service lets you search for orders by serial number.

You can view your Email Sent Log from Settings: Go to Settings > Email > Email Sent Log

You can now access Skublox (replaces Turnstock) from the App Switcher.

You can view your Skublox Status on the Statuses panel of the Order Details page.

Alpha Updates

You can now download and reserve pending Walmart orders by registering for a subscription on the Walmart Marketplace Settings.

(Beta-only): The Home page has a new Advertising menu with 2 tabs, Campaigns and Reports, to help you manage your Amazon advertising campaigns and view filtered reports. (Requires the client setting Enable Amazon Advertising API.)

Sellercloud has enhanced the accuracy of the advertising data pulled from Amazon in your Sponsored Products Ad Report.

Any product in a “smart collection” (custom collection) will now be downloaded to appear with a new Smart Collection icon on its Website Properties page.

You can now filter for queued jobs that are scheduled for a specific time by selecting the “Scheduled” value in the Status dropdown field on the Queued Jobs page.

ShipBridge Updates

A new filter lets you search for orders using aliases: Go to Menu > Click Customize interface > Select the Filters tab > Check Allow alias and shadow SKU match in filter. This also lets you search for orders by FNSKU if you set the FNSKU as an alias and check the new filter.

A clickable Update available! message will alert you when new versions of ShipBridge are available for installation. Click the message and you will be prompted to download the most updated version of ShipBridge. If you are using a recalled version of ShipBridge, you will receive a warning message.

You can now assign invoice templates and printers per merchant or per channel. With help from Sellercloud Support, you can enable your ShipBridge system to allow some templates, like the Generic_Half/Half template, to print invoices and shipping labels on whichever printer you have available.

Skustack Updates

PO item notes can be viewed while receiving (from the menu at the top right corner in the receive product dialog)

Skublox Updates

Skublox Sorter App:

  • After a successful QR Login scan, the app will automatically log you into your account without clicking “Sign in.”
  • The Skublox app’s layout now features text wrapping for long product names and SKUs
  • The Sorter app is now available on Android devices

Skublox Hub App:

  • Different “flow direction” options will show arrows between boxes and slots on the main window and the app’s Settings
  • Scrollbars have been made visible for an improved user experience
  • The installer has the option to Start Skublox with Windows and can be enabled by default