Product Updates November and December 2022


  • 4DScale-verified-weights can now be tracked in Delta.
  • WFS Removals can now be imported into Sellercloud.
  • Etsy and Reverb are available in the Disconnect from Inventory feature.
  • PO to FBA feature is supported and available in Delta.
  • Products can be uploaded to a PO using the vendor SKU.
  • Items can be uploaded to a Warehouse Inventory Transfer via file.
  • Buy shipping from Amazon can be done in bulk via the Manage Orders page.
  • A new Client Setting “Enable Internal FBA Box Label Printing” has been created to allow the user to print all Amazon-required box labels during the boxing process, in bulk.
  • Many new settings have been added to Reverb General Settings such as “Enable Order Refund Download” which allows RMAs to be downloaded.
  • The page Amazon Bulk Shipping Purchases has been added to the Toolbox in Company Settings. From there, the user can review purchases of Buy Shipping from Amazon.
  • The filter “Link to PO” has been added under Manage Orders to be able to search for orders that are either currently linked, previously linked, or never linked to a PO.
  • A column for the Subtotal of an order (without tax, shipping, etc.) can be seen on the Manage Orders page.
  • The option to revise a specific part of an eBay listing (like what is offered in eBay Mode in the Alpha interface) is available in Delta.
  • A gift icon will show when you Receive Payment for an order where the user has a gift card.
    Payment terms can now be edited on the Order Details.
  • WFS Partially Received Shipments and WFS No Confirmation Shipments have been added to Delta.


  • The option to Manage Kit Reserves has been added to the WFS shipment page.
  • The Client Setting “Auto Dis-Assemble Kit when canceling FBA and WFS shipment” has been added. When enabled it will disassemble kits on WFS shipments when they are canceled automatically.
  • Channel-specific product bullet points have been added for Walmart Marketplace properties.
  • Google Express RMA’s now support item level discounts from the order.
  • Custom Columns Per Product Type can be enabled in bulk via file upload.
  • The option to update Dimensions/Weight to Amazon can now be found in the Toolbox on the Manage Inventory page.
  • Custom Picklist PDF Plugins can now be applied in Picklist Generation Scheduled Tasks.
  • Sellercloud offers the ability to create a single Order Saved Search to be shared across multiple users.
  • A setting was added to the Reverb Settings Page to enable Reverb RMA’s to be downloaded called “Enable Order Refund Download”.
  • An option has been added to be able to deactivate a Shopify location.
  • When issuing a refund from an Amazon order with a connected RMA, the RMA will now be automatically set to Closed.


  • The setting “Do not create vendor if not exists” has been added to the Import Vendor Products page under Import Product Info to prevent creating a new vendor if the name in the import file does not match an existing vendor.
  • Target Locations can now be mapped in Sellercloud.
  • A new field “Max Qty” has been added for Amazon Direct Fulfillment (Dropship Central).


  • When a serial number is being scanned, users have the option to either scan the relevant serial number or type it in via an onscreen keyboard. This is done by clicking on the pencil icon next to the “Scan relevant serial” input field.
  • Skublox Hub: The order serial number is now displayed with the search results.
  • Newly released Controller App v3.0.9. Has changes to the barcode slot PDF printing. Now it will prompt users to use the web app instead. Additionally there is new a button, which leads users directly to their wall page, already logged into their account.


  • A new option has been added for Scan & Ship to “Track additional expenses/fees on orders”. This works with an Order Export plugin that can be setup within your Sellercloud account to upload a sheet with the information.
  • Amazon SP buy shipping is now enforced on Amazon orders which it is enabled.
  • The Amazon Bulk Shipping Preferences applied in Sellercloud settings will now reflect in Shipbridge.
  • A checkbox has been added “Reverse logic (skip all invoices except selected)” under the Invoice exceptions options in Shipbridge. This will reverse the way the Invoice Exceptions feature typically works.


  • Skustack Lens: Search results will now display the order serial number.
    If you are using Amazon Transparency codes, when receiving a PO in Skustack you will need to confirm the items have a transparency code to receive the item.
  • The ability to Swap slots is now available for pick to light. The user can click on the current slot selected and scan the desired slot. If an error is thrown or the user cancels the slot, the confirm dialog with the original slot will be reloaded.
  • Shipping containers can be received with lot/expirations.

4D Scale

  • 4D Scale weight verification is now compatible with Shipbridge.