Product Updates May & June 2022

Core Product Enhancements

  • Automatic import of Amazon cancellation requests will put the order On Hold to prevent shipping pending seller’s action. *Requires column “Buyer Requested Cancel” to be enabled for the Order Report in Sellercentral.
  • Enhancements to managing orders with Case Qty enabled
  • When enabling Case Qty on an order with existing SKUs, it will properly convert the ordered qty based on case qty for the item.
  • When linking an order to a PO with case qty enabled, it will enable case qty on the order and update the ordered qtys based on item’s case qty to keep it consistent with the PO.
  • Added a new FBA Shipment export template called “Export Products to Excel with Serial and Expiration Date” which will provide the user with any serials, lot numbers, or expiration dates associated with the shipment.
  • Added Return On Investment value (ROI) to the order level P&L tab for shipped orders.
  • Added Max Qty field for Google Shopping Actions.
  • Added client setting “Magento Allow manage stock for replenishable products” with a default of True. When enabled, items marked Replenishable in Sellercloud will be sent as “manage_stock” = false to Magento.


  • Added client setting “Enable adding Kit Components from order when using Link To PO”, default True.
  • Improvement to the product’s On Order Qty calculation – no longer referring to the PO-level receiving status, only the PO status and item’s received qty.
  • Added support for email placeholders #?FromName?# #?FromEmail?# when sending emails from orders.
  • Refund Confirmation emails now controllable per channel under Email Rules using settings for “Payment/Refund Confirmation”.
  • Added custom setting for Shipstation ‘ShipStation Send Original ProductID’

Channel-specific improvements:

  • Added P&L adjustment for CA eWaste Fee (MarketplaceFacilitatorRegulatoryFee-Principal) from Amazon settlement report.
  • Added warning on Amazon Properties Page if an FBA kit is not set with inventory dependency option = Independent.
  • Added the ability to delete a Secondary Category from an eBay listing through Sellercloud.
  • Added action “Ignore Cancellation Request From Channel” for eBay orders in the case where the buyer has requested a cancellation. This will prevent the order from being marked as On Hold with each time the cancellation request is imported.
    Changes to Import templates:
  • Added Due Date and Memo fields to Vendor Invoice import template.

Changes to Export templates:

  • Added WarehouseName to Bin Movement Export from /Settings/WarehouseBinMovementALL page.
  • Added columns to Predictive Purchasing Excel export: ManualReserve_TotalQty, ManualReserve_ConsumedReserveQty, ManualReserve_RemainingReserveQty.
  • Added Company column to “Export to Excel” file for FBA inbound shipments.

Alpha Enhancements

  • Added a new FBA Predictive Restocking report using quantities calculated by Amazon and provided in the Restock Inventory Report from Amazon which allows for easy FBA shipment/PO creation based on this data. Report is called “FBA Restock Inventory Report from Amazon” and available from a link at the top of the regular FBA Predictive Restocking report.
  • Added option to import WFS Removal shipments as a warehouse to warehouse transfer in Sellercloud using a file from Walmart.
  • Added grid to Amazon Properties Page to display a preview of Qty to Send to each Amazon Store for BOPIS sellers.
  • Added “PO Company” filter to Manage Shipping Containers page.
  • Action “Resize Images” added to product’s Image Manager page.
  • Added HSN to Channel Credential Alert settings
  • Added FinalShippingCarrier search filter to identify orders with tracking purchased from Amazon from the Manage Order Advanced Search filters.


  • Updated the RMA Return Labels page to only display RMA related labels, not other labels related to the order.
  • On the P&L tab of FBA orders, will show a link to a new page that displays the FBA return information when available.
  • Added action to query WFS shipment status to Partially Received and No Confirmation pages.
  • PO Receiving Warehouse from Quick Add to PO on product Purchasing page now pulled from the Default Receiving Warehouse under Purchasing > Manage Defaults.
  • Preventing shipping in Sellercloud if order is marked Not Okay To Ship.
  • Renamed filter for Order status from “All” to “All (except Void)” for clarity.

ShipBridge Enhancements

  • New option for Scan and Ship → Load orders with original products before orders with replacements when searching by SKU.
  • New option for Admin → Allow multiple instances.
    Options → Shipping → Rotate laser printed labels in landscape now rotates the label in the default half-page template.
  • New setting on Rates tab, with a cut off time – if past the cut off time then add a day to Estimated Delivery Date calculation. Promise Date has been removed from the Rates tab.

Memaila Enhancements

  • New workflow condition added for the time of email.
  • New workflow action added to auto response with selected canned response template.
  • Added a Note Template sections, the user can select from note template on adding note.
  • Added option to skip message from inbox.
  • Option to run workflow manually.