Product Updates May 2021

Delta Updates

  • Items can be added to Purchase Orders using Rest API now.
  • New Action added under the Predictive Restocking page to export selected items.
  • New filter “Expirable” added under Manage Catalog and Manage Inventory.
  • Amazon Transparency Codes can now be imported in bulk.
  • Shopify listings can now be downloaded automatically by enabling the “Allow active listings download” option (Website General Settings).
  • Email Templates can now be cloned in bulk.
  • WFS Shipments can now be imported using the action “Import Shipment from WFS”

Alpha Updates

  • Serial Numbers can now be imported in bulk under the Orders Import Partial Info page.
  • In addition to the above change, Serial Numbers can be exported from the Product Serials page.
  • Custom Inventory select can be built for Fingerhut if desired. If you already have one, it can be enabled by a Client Setting.

Shipbridge Updates

  • The UPS tab now has a checkbox to make the credentials’ values visible
  • As of version Searches selected will be locked on the user unless explicitly changed.
  • New setting added → Update zero weights and dimensions of Products on server (for single item orders). located under Menu > Options > Scan and Ship.
    If enabled, when shipping an order using Scan and Shipweight and dimensions are saved on the product in Sellercloud automatically.
  • FedEx references on shipping labels can now be made taller. This is controlled by setting
    Make Reference text taller (ZPL and EPL only) located under Menu > Options > Carriers > FedEx.
  • Multi-package orders can now be expanded and collapsed in bulk by selecting the top left button located on the Orders grid.
  • Setting Do not convert currency to USD moved from the Customs tab to the General tab (under Menu > Options). Currency conversion will now apply to Sub TotalGrand Total and Shipping Total.
  • When using Scan and Ship, the Company name will now display alongside the order information.
  • Scale Mettler Toledo S60 is now supported.
  • Label Printer Configuration will now default to a bitmap format if none is specified, so that labels can be printed on both thermal and laser printers.

Skustack Updates

  • Picklists can be now be searched by picklist name.
  • FBA Picklists will now display the amount of cases needed to be picked.
  • If setting “Force Product Scan” is enabled, you can pick replacement products in product based and order based picking.