Product Updates March 2021

Delta Updates

  • “Documents” Toolbox added under RMA details page.
  • View Email Send Log Action improved under Purchase Order details page.
  • Warehouse Images can now be imported in bulk under Inventory > Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  • Action “Unshadow from Parent” added under the Manage Catalog page to allow removing shadow relationships.

Alpha Updates

  • Custom Columns on Purchase Orders can now be exported using Export Mapping Tools.

ShipBridge Updates

  • New Shortcut → Ctrl + S → Allows the user to save multiple orders once they are selected
  • FedEx – Added support for Saturday services.

Skublox Updates

Sorter App:

  • Language switcher added that allows users to choose between English and Spanish.

Hub App:

  • Bird’s Eye is a feature in the latest Skublox Hub enabling administrators to oversee all active walls. Additionally, the feature allows users to view active sorters for each wall and disconnect them if needed.
  • All walls can be edited or deleted with support for PIN input where configured.
  • Inspecting a slot shows a live indicator of what SKU each sorter is currently sorting.
  • The Search feature in the latest Hub release is capable of looking for slots, orders and SKUs.