Product Updates June 2021

Delta Updates

  • Picklist-related filter added called Orders Shipping to check if none, some or all orders in a picklist were shipped.
  • New action to export variation images added under the Manage Catalog page.
  • When receiving a PO, the entered Invoice NumberVendor ID and Shipping Cost will be stored below the Receiving Sessions panel in the Receiving tab of a Purchase Order. Displaying the shipping cost is controlled by Client Setting Enable Per Session Receiving Cost For PO.
  • New filter called Has Location Notes added under both the Manage Catalog and Manage Inventory pages.
  • New action called Break Kit/Unkit added under both the Manage Catalog and Manage Inventory pages that breaks up a kit.
  • New filter called Has Stock in FBA added under the Predictive FBA Restocking page to check if an item has inventory in an FBA warehouse.
  • New field called Enable Settlement Download added under Etsy General settings to enable downloading settlement reports for Etsy.

Alpha Updates

  • PayPal Invoices can be accessed and viewed directly from the Order in Sellercloud by selecting the Action “Manage PayPal Invoices” from the Order Details page and clicking on the Reference Number.
  • Sales Orders that get shipped via FBA will now display the Ship By date as well as the Arrive By date.
  • Additional filters under the Advanced Search on the Manage Orders page added when filtering for orders containing Unknown Products.
  • Picklist-related filters have been renamed under the Advanced Search on the Manage Orders page.
  • Related Payments will be displayed on the Vendor Invoice details page

Shipbridge Updates

  • Company field added under the Scan and Ship window.
  • VAT Number can now be entered under the Customs Tab for orders that will be applied to EU-bound Endicia shipments, as per new requirements by Endicia.