Product Updates July & August 2022

Core Product

  • The ShipFromCountry will now always be included in the tracking uploads to Walmart Marketplace Canada. This will be pulled from the company-level address. If no country is set there, it will pull from company-level country code.
  • We have added a new Import Shipping Containers option that will create or update Shipping Container details of existing containers based on whether the ContainerID column is populated.
  • When managing customer details in bulk, the export and import file formats are now matching, making it easier to update.
  • When a swatch image is selected on an item, it will always be sent to Amazon.
  • Improved the validation when doing an Initial Bin Import to ensure that there is no bin inventory in the warehouse before allowing the import to be done. If the warehouse has bin inventory, Basic Product Bin Adjustment must be used.
  • We now always exclude Amazon BOPIS orders from sending to Shipstation or Shipbridge.
  • Added the option “Older than 6 Months” to RMA Date filters.
  • The following Improvements have been made to Word2PDF for invoice templates:
    Added support for the following placeholders:
    #?CustomerCreditTerm?#, #?TimeOfOrder?#, #?PaymentStatus?#
  • Metafields will always be sent from the variation parent for Shopify, when any are configured.
  • Added support for the following Shopify metafield data types: date, date time, single line text, multiline text, number, decimal, boolean.
  • Walmart Partner ID is now a required credential on the Walmart Marketplace General Settings page.
  • When creating a PO from any Predictive Purchasing or Restocking report, a Vendor field will be available to choose the vendor for the PO (previously it auto-selected the top vendor from the item). The option “Default” will still use the previous method.
  • The file format has been updated in accordance with Amazon’s new format when you use “Export Shipment Plan” from an FBA Inbound Shipment.
  • When importing an RMA from Amazon, a P&L adjustment will not be made for the shipping label. This adjustment will not be added until it is received in the Amazon Settlement Report.
  • You can no longer see the option to Delete Serial number when the client setting ‘Enable Serial Number validation’ is enabled.
  • The filter “Is Settled” with options All, Settled, and Not Settled has been added to manage orders.
  • When importing product info from eBay, it will now save dimensions and weight to the product if it is not already populated.
  • Added discount fields to the RMA PDFs when there are discounts applied.
  • Added the client setting “Use PO Adjusted Price for Container Unit Cost”. This will cause the Adjusted Price to be pulled in as the Unit Price on the Shipping Containers.
  • Added order note on orders where Amazon Transparency is required for one or more order items.
  • Added weight in pounds (lbs) to the ‘Shipping Preferences for Qty’ grid on on the product’s Shipping Preferences page.
  • Action ‘Print to PDF (Merged SKUs)’ will not merge SKUs with different prices.
  • Added “Partially Picked” as option in the Status search filter for Warehouse Inventory Transfers.
  • Added “Product_Purchaser” field to the product import mapping tool. It will accept a user ID or username.

Alpha interface

  • Added an icon and tooltip to indicate Tracking Updated Successfully to Channel on the Shipping tab of an Order Details page.
  • Added “Requires Third Party Shipping” setting on Unbeatable Sales General Settings page.
  • Added action ‘Change Fulfillment Center/Destination Warehouse’ on Vendor Central orders.
  • Added hyperlink to Channel Order # for Walmart Marketplace orders to link to the order page in Walmart.
  • Made ‘Company’ and ‘Ship From Company’ read-only on the Edit Order page. The action “Change Order Company” has been added to the Edit Order page action menu with warning of the consequences of changing the company on an order.
  • Added a new report to identify duplicate serial numbers between different SKUs, as this could be the result of a data-entry error when receiving the products. The report is called “Duplicate Serial Report” and can be found from the existing “Manage Product Serial Report” and can be found in the Inventory tab.
  • Added hyperlink to all queued jobs using a mapping profile to direct to the related profile.
  • Added ‘Prep Instruction List’ to WFS shipments to indicate Labeling required for Kits and items where the UPC in SC does not match the UPC on Walmart.
  • Added support for Word2PDF product labels to all pages where product labels can be printed.
  • Added the client setting “Copy custom columns when cloning product”.
  • Added the Manage Inventory filter “Channel Listing ID”

Skublox Sorter

  • Location notes in Suggestions. This allows users to easily locate products given a provided location note.

Skublox Hub

  • Edit / Add wall functionality now requires PIN code validation.
  • It will now show an error message if a) Hub is not connected, or b) if CH340 drivers are not installed.


  • New option has been added to display Shipping Cost in the Order Log window (when shipped).

Delta interface

  • The action “Add to Kit Assembly Workorder” added to FBA Shipment Details.
  • The action “Add to Kit” has been added to Manage Catalog.
  • ROI (Return On Investment) will now be displayed on Order Details Profit & Loss.
  • You can now CC multiple emails when sending PO via email.
  • Added a new field ‘Approval Status’ in the RMA rest api services.
  • You can now sort Vendor Invoices by Due Date.
  • The Order Rule Engine now has the following actions:
    Add to Order Group
    Execute Post Order Plugin
    Add Condition for Total Units
    Set Signature Required
  • We added a BinName column to the Receive PO file template for when the receiving warehouse is bin-enforced.
  • “ALL IN” option added to the Product Group filter on Manage Orders. This will require for all order items in the orders to be in the selected group.
  • We added Channel-specific Product Description to Sears properties.
  • Inventory Status field added to Website properites for BigCommerce, to support PreOrders on BigCommerce.