Product Updates July 2021

Delta Updates

  • Added checkbox called “Include Unshipped Orders in QtySold” under the Predicted Purchasing page.
  • New page called PO Defaults added under the Purchasing dropdown.
  • Additional checkbox for channel WFS added when using action “Enable/Disable For Channel”
  • Added option to download boxes from WFS shipments.
  • Wildcard searches now supported under the Manage Orders page.
  • Additional options added – WFS Enabled and WFS Disabled to the Walmart Marketplace Statuses filter under the Manage Catalog page.
  • Order status will now display when using the global search option.
  • New actions added for Wish products under the Manage Catalog page, called Enroll Product in Returns Program For Wish and Un-Enroll Product in Returns Program For Wish.

Alpha Updates

  • New actions called Set Shipping require third party and Set shipping do not require third party added under the Manage Orders page to mark orders to require or not third party billing.
  • Enhancements added to the Cycle Count page → new filters added for Bin Name and Reconciled status as well as a new action to commit the cycle count (allowed only if its reconciled)
  • New option to select “Adult Signature required” available when shipping via FedEx from Sellercloud.
  • Additional filters 120 and 180 days added for date range when generating an FBA Removal Shipment Order Report using a scheduled task.
  • New filters added under the Manage Inventory page to allow searching for products that are WFS enabled/disabled.
  • New column called “WFS Shipment Plan#” added under the Kit Assemblies page.

Shipbridge Updates

  • New Admin option added to “Require PIN to customize interface”.
  • New setting added to set the order’s packaging type from the kit parent where this is possible. To enable it, go to Menu > Options > General > “Prefer kit parent CWA packaging type”
  • New setting added that can make orders load faster in cases where shipping preferences are affecting load time. To enable it, go to Menu > Options > General > “Skip Product Shipping Preferences per Qty”.

Skustack Updates

  • WFS Picking option added under the Fulfillment tab that allows picking WFS shipments.
  • RMA Reason will now display on the receive product dialog.