Product Updates January & February 2021

Delta Updates

  • Currency conversion is now available for Purchase Orders.
  • New filters “Brand” and “Default Vendor” have been added on the Predictive Purchasing page.
  • Action “Split Package to new Shipment” is now available for FBA Shipments.
  • “Find ASIN from UPC” added under Manage Catalog > Tools
  • RMA Reasons and Channel RMA Reason Mapping pages added.
  • The action for shipping an order called “Ship Order” has been reformatted into a 2-step wizard. Previous actions “Generate shipping labels and ship order” and “Ship Order” have been combined.
  • New Employee Role/Permission called “Change Weights and Dimensions” added. Allows the user to modify product weight and dimensions. Located under the Advanced Permissions of the Catalog Panel.
  • Lot Numbers are now supported.
  • Assigning a Saved Search / Saved View as a default view is now possible.
  • Shopify Categories Toolbox added under Company Settings.
  • Downloading a Log File is now possible under the Scheduled Tasks page.
  • Advanced permission “View Order P&L” taken into account when viewing Shipping Cost on Orders.

Alpha Updates

  • Walmart Marketplace Shipping Templates are now supported.
  • Bin Cycle Count improvements made → additional filters added and the ability to accept or reject cycle counts in Bulk.
  • New column “FBA Researching Reserves” has been added under the Predictive Restocking page.

ShipBridge Updates

  • Item’s UPCs can be printed on Invoices as scannable barcodes for thermal invoices.
    Controlled by a new setting added under Menu > Options > Invoice, next to “Use UPC” is now “as barcode” available.
  • Channel/Merchant Invoices now available under the Invoice tab.
  • Grid updates → Channel Order # filter and Email column added.
  • Lot Number related → If there is only one lot number available for a product, ShipBridge will automatically assign it instead of prompting the user to select a lot number for each unit.

Skustack Updates

  • Lot Number related → Lot numbers supported in Kit Assemblies.
  • Picklist barcode labels can now be printed.
  • Order Picking Log will be recorded on the order history page to record when and who picked an order.
  • When Client Setting “Validate PO warehouse when receiving in SKUStack” is enabled, only POs in which the receiving warehouse is the warehouse the user is logged into will be displayed in Skustack.

Skublox Updates

Hub App:

  • Version 2.0.2 of the Skublox Hub App has been released. The hardware boot up and restart time have been improved. The new version is available for download with the “Check for update” button in the UWP app.