Product Updates January 2023


  • Sellercloud now has an integration with Mercado Libre 2.
  • When issuing a refund for an eBay order, Sellercloud will now check if an open Inquiry exists. If so, the user will be directed to a new page to manage the inquiry.
  • Enabled for Amazon Pickup and Not enabled for Amazon Pickup filters are available on Manage Inventory in Alpha, and Manage Catalog in Delta.
  • Container Based Cost Adjustments can now be added in the Sellercloud interface.
  • An Assembly Note field has been added to the Assemble Kit page.
  • Export to excel option has been added to the Select Action dropdown on the PO FBA Plannings details page.
  • The Amazon Marketplace ID will be predicted and auto populated based on the Country that is set on the company.
  • Vendor TAX ID field has been added to Vendor Central General Settings,


  • A filter for Company has been added to the Export Unfillable Products Scheduled Task.
  • The Product Serial Report now allows the user to search by serial.
  • When importing Serial Numbers on a PO, a Queued Job will now be created to track the progress.
  • The columns Product Aggregate Qty and Reserved Qty have been added to the Order Export Mapping Tool.
  • The setting Use MWS to Get limited info from Amazon has been renamed to Use SP-API to Get limited info from Amazon.


  • The ability to Consolidate FBA Shipments is now available in the Delta interface. This allows the user to send all of the items in their FBA Shipment to one fulfillment center.
  • Copy SKUs has been added to Manage Catalog, this allows the user to copy SKUs to their clipboard.
  • WFS Active listings can now be exported to Excel from the action in the Toolbox.
  • The Ready to Post status on the channel properties now has a refresh button.
  • Rule Engine: A new condition has been added to check if an order is shipping to a PO Box.
  • The ability to “Add to PO (with PO FBA Planning)” in Predictive Restocking is now available in Delta.
  • The filter Dropshipped On has been added to the Manage Orders page.
  • The action Enable signature required has been added to the Rule Engine.


  • A new checkbox Set the best fitting paper size when printing labels to PDF printer is available under Menu> Options> Shipping. When enabled it will automatically select a paper size that is closest to the 4×6 aspect ratio.
  • In Scan and Ship, the option to scan a barcode that selects Packaging Type, Dimensions, and Weight for the order has been added. The barcodes that will be pulled should be added in Sellercloud under Settings> Packaging Types.
  • The fields BoxFee, BaseFee,and AdditionalFee have been added and can be managed within Sellercloud under Shipping Package Type.
  • Parcel Guard Insurance is now available for USPS/Endicia


  • The option to Generate Word2pdf product labels has been added.


  • WFS Box Content can now be done in Skustack.
  • Case Pack labels can be printed from the Product Info Activity.
  • The region in which the bin is located can now be changed from within Skustack.
  • When scanning a serial and pulling up the serial info the following two features have been added
    1. The option to print the Serial label is available.
    2. A link will now appear that allows the user to pull up the product info page.
  • Items that are flagged will now be indicated in the PO.
  • The ability to save a view after filtering and sorting bins is now available. The user will be able to load that saved view without adding the filters each time.
  • The user can now search by notes on the Manage Serial Activity page.
  • On the mobile app when following the steps of Receiving> Receive PO> Select the PO> Create Put Away List, the Original BinName will be filled in Automatically if the setting to use receiving bin is enabled.


  • The ability to multi sort in Pick to Light has been added. This allows the user to pick and sort multiple qty of the same product, as well as unsort if the item is unpicked.