Product Updates February, March & April 2022

Core Updates

  • Amazon Customer-initiated Replacement Orders will come in with a discount instead of a false payment record.
  • Client setting “Prioritize Picked Orders in Backorder Calculation” added.
  • Client setting “Predictive Restocking: Include Ship Via FBA Orders” added to include Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders into the Predictive Restocking for FBA calculation.
  • New placeholder created for Invoices using word2PDF – #?TimeOfOrderDateOnly?#
  • Inventory Dependent Kit components will be added to RMA automatically if kit parent SKU is imported in an RMA Import.
  • Increased number of products sent in a single feed to Amazon when posting from 90 to 500 to lessen risk of throttling when posting large qtys of items.
  • RMA Line Item “Received Status” added to RMA Excel Export.
  • Added column header for DescriptionForChannel_eBayOrder in custom export and bulk update.
  • Vendor Central invoices will have the currency code default to the currency code set up on the company settings.
  • A new field was added to Unbeatable Sales General Settings called “New Product FTP Folder”. This is for users who have a separate ftp folder set up for new items to enter the name of the folder. Otherwise items will be sent in the folder set up for inventory.

Alpha Updates

  • When you create a new company, a red star will now show up near all of the required fields that have to be populated.
  • A new client setting has been added called “Only receive dropship PO when order is fully shipped”. When enabled this will not mark the dropship PO as received at the time of creation or when acknowledged but rather when the PO is fully shipped.

Skublox Updates

Skublox Sorter

  • Color preferences have been added, this gives sorters the option to change the color if they prefer.
  • The sorter will now notify you of new features as they are added.
  • Updated Scanner Misconfiguration Modal to better navigate users to information on how to fix device issues.
  • We now show the number of orders in a picklist in the Skublox Sorter app
    Enhanced experience when connecting to a wall with a picklist. We now highlight how many orders are related to a picklist, and how many of these are unshipped.

Skublox Hub

  • Users are now able to restrict the sorting of multiple units to specific employees. When this is set users can now access a new submenu under the preferences in the hub. Only employees who have been granted this permission will be able to multi-sort.
  • Skublox Controller App v3.0.0 has been released.
  • Auto-login functionality for links within Sellercloud, (eg. orders, items).
  • App switcher for jumping between supported Sellercloud apps.

Skustack Updates

Skustack Lens

  • Auto-login functionality has been added when using links within Skustack web portal, (eg. orders, items). Every external link to the web portal (from skus, relevant search results, order Ids, etc…) will log users to avoid the hassle of manually typing their credentials.
  • An app switcher has been added for jumping between supported Sellercloud apps.

ShipBridge Updates

  • A new option was added on the General tab to print label and invoice in one command. This works for UPS and Fedex in thermal format only.
  • A new setting “Show if order is 3rd party” has been added. When enabled it will display “3rd party” at the end of the service display name when loading orders for better readability and clear workflow.
  • A new setting “Use One Rate by default” has been added as a subsetting of “Enable One Rate by default”. It will be set to true by default and can be manually disabled if needed.
  • New setting added on the FedEx tab – Allow Signature Confirmation for Canada orders.
  • New setting added on the General tab – “Multiply dimensions by item quantity (single sku, multi-item orders)”
  • New setting added on the General tab – “Mark order as Hazmat f one of its products is Hazmat”
  • An option has been added to the Edit Packages page to scan the items into the package.