Product Updates February 2023


  • Walmart Marketplace Setup by Match is now available.
  • FBA Plannings can be created from an existing PO.
  • There is now an option to Import Orders as Unpaid on the Overstock Settings.
  • Amazon Stores can be synced on the Store Management page of Amazon Settings.
  • The following Amazon Product Conditions have been added, Club, New Open Box, and New Oem.
  • When importing an order, if the Shipping Cost is not included in the Import Tracking Profile, the Shipping Cost of the order will not be updated. If the Shipping Cost has a value of 0 in the file, it will be set to $0 on the order.
  • Google Express is now available to be set as a Product Type.
  • The Client Setting “Enable GTIN for Channel” is available to allow the user to set a separate GTIN for Walmart Marketplace and Wish.
  • NewEgg Business Attributes now have an option to Force Refresh on a product level.
  • Brand Restriction which was previously only available for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace is also available for Shopify.
  • Case Qty can now be set in the import file for PO FBA Plannings.
  • Payment Terms have been added to the Vendor Defaults to be populated on all newly created vendors.
  • When an item is removed from the FBA Shipment in Sellercloud we will send the update to Amazon to be updated on their end as well.
  • VAT is now included in the 810 for Amazon Direct Fulfillment (Dropship Central).


  • Purchase Order Import Scheduled Tasks can now be imported via email.
  • The client setting “Enable Bullet points per channel to be shadow persistent” has been added.
  • Credit Memos can be shipped from Bin enabled Warehouses in Sellercloud.
  • The Amazon Active Listing Report can now be found under Company Settings> Amazon Settings> Toolbox> Active Listings Report.
  • The user can now enable or disable if taxes will apply to Vendor Central Orders via the Client Setting “Apply tax while Importing Vendor Central Check Availability via queued job.” This is enabled by default.
  • Vendor Product Notes have been added as an exportable field for Purchase Orders in the Export Mapping Tool.
  • The Inventory Arrival Export includes a column for Currency as well as Conversion Rate.
  • When creating a WFS Shipment from a Purchase Order, the Expected Delivery Date will auto populate to 7 days ahead if no date has been added.


  • The user can now see the available qty per warehouse by hovering over the Available Qty icon in the Predictive Purchasing report.
  • The user can now set who the preparer is for the FBA Shipment Prep Guidance in the Delta interface (previously this was only in Alpha).
  • Etsy Shipping Templates and Shipping Method Mapping have been added to the Delta Interface.
  • Customer Tax ID field is now available in Delta when Tax Exempt is enabled.
  • Shopify has been added to End Listing on Channel on Manage Catalog.
  • Custom Export Templates can now be found under Settings> Products> Custom Export Templates.

Skustack Hub:

  • The ability to import FBA Shipments has been added. The company must be FBA Enabled and have Amazon Credentials available.
  • The user can now edit an order, cancel an order, as well as delete an order from within Skustack.
  • The user can filter Sellable or Unsellable when searching Bins.

Skustack Lens:

  • The user can now see Serial Numbers in the search results. If the Serial Number count is above 50 then a count will show along with a link to the portal.

Rest API

  • A new endpoint for splitting an order has been added.
  • Get all RMAs can now be filtered by Tracking Number.
  • The filter Is Settled is available for the Get all Orders call.