Product Updates December 2021 & January 2022

Alpha Updates

  • Commission Rates are now able to be managed on an item level for Walmart Marketplace.
  • Purchase orders can now be received from the Shipping Container page. The Receiving Warehouse can be set on the Shipping Container Level as well.
  • When exporting a Credit memo it will now display a negative value to properly reflect pricing.
  • We now have an option where users can select a saved search for ShipWorks under the settings.
  • An option has been added to allow users to delete multiple vendors at once.

Skublox Updates

  • Skublox Sorter: Better visual handling of multi-sort items for Zebra TC20 and Motorola MC40 devices.

Skustack Updates

Skustack Lens:

  • Improved navigation with support for back and next.
  • SKU Labels are now with small caps for easier reading.

4D Scale Updates

  • Geolocation – we can now retrieve geo-coordinates of all devices in real time.
  • New and improved “Add device” flow, which automatically detects 4DScale devices around you and makes it super easy to set up them.
  • Over-the-air updates – Users can receive the latest software updates in the background or choose a specific version.

ShipBridge Updates

  • New generic plugin allows you to implement and easily modify basic shipping rules.
  • New Reference field DMI Order Number added for FedEx.
  • “DHLeC Marketing Parcel Ground” and “DHLeC Marketing Parcel Expedited” have been added .