Product Updates December 2020

Delta Updates

The warning tag Requires Attention will now appear on orders that have been flagged with that Customer Service status.

For Purchase Order items, you can filter by vendor using the new Vendor filter on the Add Products modal, in two places:

  • When creating a new PO
  • When adding items on the PO Details page

GTIN field was added into the GET /api/Catalog REST API service response. This call is used to get Catalog information in bulk.

Hovering over the new Information icon on these two FBA inbound shipment panels shows the product quantity available in each specific warehouse:

  • Amazon Shipments panel
  • Products panel

A TrackingNumbers property was added into the GET /api/PurchaseOrders REST API service response. This call is used to get Purchase Order information in bulk.

UPC added into the Create Product REST API service request (POST /api/Products).

You can set order insurance on the newly editable Insurance field on the Order Details’ Total panel.

The ability to filter by Picklist ID has been added into the GET /api/Orders endpoint of the REST API. This is used to get Orders in bulk.

You can quickly Create Duplicate Order from the Actions menu on the Order Details page.

The Receive Payment wizard’s Card Info panel now reveals the following information when choosing a credit card from the Available Cards field: card type, card number (last four digits), name on card, and expiration date.

Alpha Updates

The number of Estimated Delivery days will now appear on the Shipping Rate Calculator beside each shipping carrier’s service.

Items listed on Walmart Marketplace have a new link on their Product Home Page’s Active Listing section that directs you straight to the actual listing.

The Manage Orders page has a new Action menu option Unlock Shipping Method that lets you bulk-unlock the shipping method of multiple selected orders.

You can now bulk-delete shipping and/or billing addresses that aren’t needed using the new Action column in the Import Customers template, and populating that column with the value “DeleteAddresses.”

A new Action menu option Connect to eBay Return has been added to user-created eBay RMAs, which queries the status from eBay and connects the user-created RMA to the eBay RMA.

ShipBridge Updates

Scan and Ship now recognizes the UPC when scanning an ITF-14 barcode.

Scan and Ship now shows Customer Paid for Shipping: $X.XX in the order information on the side panel.

Orders with “Customer Pickup” as the carrier status will now have standard pre-shipping validation (shipped, picked, paid status).

Skublox Updates

Hub App:

  • The Export PDF Barcodes menu adds the option for 1D slot barcodes, allowing the use of 1D barcode-only scanner rings. (Barcode types are 3”x1” for 1 label per page and 8.5”x11” for 20 labels per page.)
  • The Preferences tab lets you reserve any slot up to 120 seconds (minimum 5 secs) to provide more time for order processing, and set the shipper light to blink or steady-on while the slot is reserved
  • The Log files will now include additional events, such as attempts to load an order by slot barcode in Shipbridge (no update required)

Memaila Updates

Buyer-cancelled orders in eBay or Walmart will send cancellation emails to sellers, triggering Memaila to put those orders on hold in Sellercloud. (This option can be enabled/disabled.)

The new Post Note for Order Return option will read a customer’s return reason from Amazon’s order return email and add it as a note to the order in Sellercloud.

Users can now create a new Memaila email account instead of using their existing email address.